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We have created a new poll and we would appreciate your input. We are always trying to keep up with consumer demand and are, as a supplier, moving more and more to natural ingredients because that is what today's educated consumer is demanding. We… more »
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We have our customers ask us why we package our dry ingredients in bags. This answer is simple, we are trying to be as environmentally conscious as possible. It is too much of a waste of materials to package everything in a pail or a container that wil… more »


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A long awaited replacement for our old surfactant systems is finally here. We set out to create a natural system to meet the demands of today's more educated consumer and their desire for more healthy product's while still creating a superior product t… more »


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We are always trying to bring down cost because we all need a break with the high prices these day. We are able to lower our price on Salicylic Acid up to 50% off, by locating another manufacturer and by buying in larger quantity. We will always pass t… more »

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