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We here at Ingredients To Die For are proud to have much more than just a Vitamin C product, we offer our Liposome C. This product offers up to TWICE the activity of other Vitamin C products. The benefits do not stop there, Vitamin C is very unstable a… more »


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Ingredients To Die For has just brought in a new product called Glycol Stearate. Glycol Stearate is used to give your surfactant products a pearl look. Depending on how much you use, you can also turn an transparent surfactant into a white product depen… more »


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In today's market there are so many different definitions for natural, organic and now green that it is becoming harder and harder for all of us to stay focused.Natural should be simple right, products made from ingredients that come from nature, but… more »


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Monthly Specials This month we have  on E-Wax , EmulPro, Myristyl Myristate , NatureMulse  and Stearic Acid  special, 10% off.  You can always check in the "Monthly Special" category to see what is on sale.  Yo… more »