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If you're in the market for effective, skin loving, natural surfactants and emulsifiers the lactylates offer an easy solution to your needs. They are so effective at moisturizing the skin that a noticeable improvement is achieved with the very first use… more »
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We at Ingredients To Die For are pleased to bring you Crothix, a thickener used for making cleansers, soaps and clear gels. CROTHIX is truly multi-functional. Not only is it superior as a thickener, but it is also effective as a diethanolamide (DEA) repl… more »
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As we are always striving to make your browsing, and shopping, experience on our website easier we have improved on the way that we list essential oils blends so that you can locate every essential oil blend through several methods; by skin actives, fra… more »


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We are continuing to bring you wonderful new bases. Times are tough and we all know how much it costs to buy all the ingredients to make the products yourself. Not only does it take money but it takes hours of work, and not all formulas are created equ… more »

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