Air Freshener / Purification Recipe

AIR FRESHENER / PURIFICATION OIL RECIPES ::  pick your favorite essential oil recipe and add the blend to your diffuser, nebulizer, or aroma lamp to freshen the air with the purifying nature of essential oils and essential oil blends ... these essential oil recipes have many benefits and can even be used during gatherings to help stir conversation, keep the air fresh and clean, or just to make your home or work area smell great ...

Lemon Fresh Essential Oil Recipe                                                                         

Lavender Surprise Essential Oil Recipe

Pure Energy Essential Oil Recipe

Clean & Fresh Essential Oil Recipe

Forest Retreat Essential Oil Recipe

Purely Clean


Proportions are only suggestions and you may alter them to suit your taste, or budget.  Keep in mind that to maintain the efficacy of the blend you should keep the ratios similar.

Note:: Product formulations are included as illustative examples only. Ingredients To Die For makes no representation or warranty concerning the efficacy, safety, or reliability of any product manufactured using such formulations. All statements concerning the possible use of materials available from Ingredients To Die For are for research purposes only. Ingredients To Die For is not responsible for the end use of materials sold.

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