Cleaner Environment

Green, RecycleWe have our customers ask us why we package our dry ingredients in bags. This answer is simple, we are trying to be as environmentally conscious as possible. It is too much of a waste of materials to package everything in a pail or a container that will end up being thrown away with each order or being recycled if we're lucky. Our dry materials are double bagged so that you, as the customer, can re-use the same container and save on green house gases. Even if we all do our part to recycle it creates green house gases. So the use of materials such as containers and pails and having them properly recycled may be better for the environment but is not as good for the environment as to re-use the container and have lower heat processing and therefore fossil fuels at the recycle facility. They have to melt down these plastics and that causes green house gases. So doing your part to help out this beautiful land of ours, is to have fewer and fewer wasted materials, and that means to the land fills and to the recycle centers. It is just like our local water supply, to clean and purify the water it causes green house emissions, so watering your lawn less or watering better can save on the green house affect by using less water and causing the water plant to purify less water.

By packaging in 2mm and 4mm plastic zip locks we are also reducing the weight of every dry product that we sell which accomplishes several goals, it minimizes shipping costs, reduces packaging requirements due to a lack of breakable containers and it reduces the size of the shipping box...all reducing the amount of fuel used in transport as well as the amount of paper wasted for each product.

Everything we do is at a cost to this land, like buying organic, that is not necessarily better for the land, because the 1,000 of miles it takes to get that to our local store can be far worse then just buying locally grown products. 18-Wheeler trucks are very wasteful in fuel, and many of our products have to be flown in and then trucked in to your local grocer, this causes an excess of green house gases on our land that far outweighs what organics contribute to save the environment.

So as we all move forward in this world, we need to think about which way is the best way for the environment. Yes, recycling is better than not recycling, but even better is just creating less waste. These plastic have to be melted and reused by some kind of machinery and that machinery causes green house pollution.

For every 100 customers who will re-use the same pail for just one of their products, we save $100's in shipping costs, 100's in gallons of fuel and do not contribute over 300 lbs. of material to be recycled, or dump in our landfills.

Imagine the positive impact we can make if we all re-use all the time..for all products!!!!

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