How are Essential Oils different from Fragrance Oil?


How are Essential Oils different from Fragrance Oil?

Let us Count the Ways!


Essential OilsFirst: Essential Oils are offered as pure combinations of Essential Oils with no mystery, while Fragrance Oils will always be the fragrance in some kind of carrier system, which is almost never disclosed by the supplier, because they don't know. Fragrance is the only ingredients, in the personal care, and cosmetics arena, that doesn't require disclosure so, manufacturers do not disclose the base. This may not be a problem, for your company line. Depending on your demographic, the small amount of fragrance that you're adding to your product line depending on your demographic, and company philosophy, however, what if your marketing position is sulfate free? Can you guarantee that the fragrance is not in a base of sulfates? Probably not as surfactants are the manufacturing arena's primary mechanism to dissolve oils into waters, otherwise they won't blend, as oil and water do not mix. What if your marketing position is phthalate free or paraben free or any other “free” position? Can you guarantee that your fragrance is not in a base of any other problematic ingredient? Probably not, since the base is rarely disclosed.


Second: Essential Oils add more than fragrance to a product. They also add the active constituents of each essential oil. Granted, this can be as bad as it is good because if the Essential Oil blend is created without regard for the activity of every Essential Oil in the blend then it may not be suitable to your product, or customer's needs, however, when done properly, that Lavender Essential Oil blend will not only contribute the fragrance of Lavender, it will also contribute a skin healing, psychologically relaxing, and physiologically calming, activity to your product. That is the real beauty behind nature's Essential Oils. They are powerful plant extracts that have the potential to: smell great, deliver a specific fragrance, a specific skin benefit, a specific psychological benefit, and a specific physiological benefit so, we can think of them as a three-in-one contribution to our products, with an unlimited potential to improve on the very function of our products. With Essential Oils you can make your product much more skin healing, much more anti-aging, much more skin restructuring, much more anti-inflammatory, much more relaxing, much more energizing, much more sensual, and the list goes on and on because with the vast activities possible with Essential Oils, the possibilities are endless. In today’s educated marketplace there's no question that the fragrance alone has the capability to relax the mind, and calm the body. Whether the fragrance is natural, or synthetic, it can have an Aroma-therapeutic impact due to the fact that a fragrance can result in a mental impact, especially when it comes to making you feel good, regardless of it's origin, however, fragrance alone can't deliver healing activity to damaged skin, fragrance alone can't deliver acne control, fragrance alone can't deliver circulation enhancement, fragrance alone can't deliver pain relief, fragrance alone can't deliver relief from cough and congestion … but, all of this is possible with Essential Oils.


Third: Essential Oils are more costly than fragrance oils and that is unfortunate. Not so much because of the increased price, because that price is justified in the production cost to produce the Essential Oils but, more so because the power of Essential Oils is not recognized, or given the credit that it should be. When an anti-aging cream is being developed no one thinks twice about including the actives that will help to achieve the anti-aging goal … event though essential oils are actives, also, with every bit of the potential to help achieve the anti-aging goal, in fact, most are much more powerful than the water extract from the same material… and the price isn't that much when you consider the small amount that is required to achieve results. Chamomile German CO2 is 10x more powerful than Hydro-cortisone, and no one thinks about the cost of Hydro cortisone when they need it but, the cost of Chamomile German being about $5.00 per milliliter, seems quite high, but how much is that when compared to the cost of medicine? Almost nothing, when you calculate it out. The cost for a tube of Hydro cortisone, with insurance, is at best $15.00 per ounce, and if you were to make a lotion and just add the Chamomile German, at the active level of 0.2%, that would be less than 2 drop per ounce, or $0.33 for the Chamomile German. This is just one example. We could make these comparisons, all day, and they would


come out about the same, when compared to medicinal preparations and active treatments.






Fourth: With Essential Oils you can create signature fragrances that are perceived as pleasant and not annoying to the vast majority



of people, where fragrance oils all have that same powdery impact that many people find to be overwhelming and the cause of headaches and fogginess. Granted, sometimes the natural fragrance of Essential Oils is not appreciated by those who have come to love the impact of the fragrance oils, the world of natural fragrance will never give us Strawberry, or Peach, but, it can give us fragrance with no residual contaminants of: petros, parabens, ethoxylates, sulfates …


Making your products deliver more than just fragrance is easy, just decide what you'd like it to do, then choose your actives, including Essential Oils, and that's it. To help you identify the basic activity of each Essential Oil review the Ingredients To Die For “Essential Oil Therapeutic Reference Guide” for 'at a glance' solutions to everyday issues. This reference guide doesn't cover every possible activity, as some Essential Oils are quite powerful in many activities, but, rather highlights the main function of each Essential Oil.


Today's market is all about efficiency, and purity, and Essential Oils are the absolute most efficient way to scent your products, giving them a two-in-one appeal … the Lavender fragrance is also relaxing, and healing … that Neroli fragrance also relieves anxiety and restructures the skin for anti-aging benefits … that Rock Rose is also calming and repairs scars and stretch marks …




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