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Life Made Simple


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Ingredients To Die For is pleased to launch our first calculators in response to customer requests.  They are available on the website under the ?LIBRARY? category and then the sub category ?CALCULATORS?. We now have two calculator's available on the Ingredients To Die For website, and will continue to add to the list as we have customer interest. The ?INGREDIENT PERCENTAGE CALCULATOR? which will determine the exact amounts that you'll need of each of your ingredients, based on your batch size. You'll no longer have to guess how much of an ingredient you need to order to make your product and you'll no longer have to do the math for every formula. The calculator is simple and easy to use, and it will tell you exactly what you need with the click of one button, after entering in your ingredients and percentages. You'll no longer have to do the math for every formula. Just type in your information and let the calculator take care of it for you. As always, we will continue to make improvement, and add additional calculator's as we get feedback from our customers. If there's something that you'd like to see it do, or something it does that annoys you, let us know and we'll add it, or take it away, if we can.




Go to the home page






Click on ?Ingredient Percentage Calculator ?


ENTER the SIZE of the BATCH that you'd like to MAKE in the ?SIZE? box on the upper right side of the screen.


SELECT the UNIT of measure from the DROP DOWN box right NEXT TO the ?SIZE? box.


ENTER your first INGREDIENT in the first line under the ?NAME? column


ENTER your PERCENTAGE, based on usage guidelines and desired effect, INTO the NEXT box under the ?PERCENTAGE? column.


You'll see the UNITS INDICATED in the NEXT BOX under the ?SIZE? column. This is determined by the unit of measure that you SELECTED in the ?UNIT? box, next to the ?SIZE? box, on the upper right side side of the screen. To CHANGE this at any time just change your SELECTION with the DROP DOWN option.


You'll see question marks displayed in the ?amount? column. This will ONLY change, or DISPLAY the AMOUNT needed, of that ingredient once you click the ?CALCULATE? box, to make sure that you don't accidentally change this amount. You may CLICK the ?CALCULATE? box at any time to SEE where you're at.


Continue ENTERING all of your INGREDIENTS and CLICK the ?CALCULATE? box to see WHAT you will NEED of EACH ingredient.


At this point be sure that your ?PERCENTAGE? column totals 100% and that is all there is to it.


You'll NOTICE that there is a PLUS (+) and a MINUS (-) sign in the BOTTOM LEFT corner of the ?CALCULATOR? box.


To ADD 5 additional LINES to the ?CALCULATOR? click the (+) sign, to SUBTRACT 5 LINES from the ?CALCULATOR? click the (-) sign. By default there is a minimum of 10 lines but, just leave some of these blank if you don't need them or, add more lines if there isn't enough for your formula.





We hope that you find these calculator's helpful. We have already been asked to create an Essential Oil Blend calculator to tell you what the ratios are of each essential oil in your blend, that will be the next calculator made available on the website. We are also going to be creating a Amount to Percentage calculator so that you can easily convert any formula, that is in ounces / lbs / grams or parts, into percentages for easy batch ingredient, or size, modifications.


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