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New Natural Essential Oil Blends


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We at Ingredients To Die For are very pleased to bring you Natural Fragrance. These are blends which are made up of 100% pure therapeutic grade Essential Oils. With consumers wanting their products to be more and more natural the move to natural fragrance is getting stronger every day. This is the perfect way to turn your products into products with pure, natural fragrance.

The range of natural fragrance through essential oils, from floral to medicinal...sweet to spicy and tart to pungent, that may be created utilizing only essential oils is unlimited...it just takes practice, patience and perseverance.

We know that blending essential oils together to get a great scent is a challenge that does take time and skill. So we, at Ingredients To Die For, are making available some of our great smelling, wonderful blends. We all know that in the past it had been easy to just buy a fragrance oil to get a great smell, but as more and more consumers get educated about how unnatural and unsafe fragrance oils are they are demanding natural fragrance more and more.

One of the true benefits, and downfalls, of using essential oils is that the fragrance is more than just a fragrance. You can blend oils together that help with the performance of your products because essential oils are very active natural chemicals. They may, sometimes, be unsafe and should be used with caution. Some of those therapeutic oils can be hard to make smell nice and some of them will be unsafe to use. No matter how beneficial, or therapeutic, a blend you put together is or how supportive it is of your products performance the consumer does still want it to smell nice and you, of course, want it to be safe. This is where the skill of the perfumers at Ingredients To Die For comes into play. They can make a therapeutic blend that adds benefits to your product but at the same time make it smell good. The last thing that most consumers want is a product that smells medicinal when applying it to their face. Sometimes a product can smell medicinal and have little, to no, impact on the consumer but most of the time it matters enough to be the deal breaker.

Creating a great smelling blend that is safe to use, therapeutic and smells great to the mass market takes time and skill. We, at Ingredients To Die For, have two perfumers, ceritfied in Aromatherapy working on blends. These people have years of experience working with essential oils and blending so that we can all be sure that what we are putting into our product for fragrance not only smells great, but is also safe and effective.

We will continue to add more and more blends, from specific therapeutic blends to purely for fragrance blends, so that we can help take the pressure off of our customers who are driven to 100% pure and natural product. Now, with essential oil fragrance you can say that and it be true.

So why not have the best of both worlds, have a great smelling product, that is 100% natural and that adds a benefit, or supports the activity, of your product line. Unlike a lot of other companies that offer blends while only considering their fragrance impact, our direction is to offer blends that are To Die For! that are created using essential oils specifically chosen for their therapeutic, and safety effect, as well as for their fragrance.

Here is a list of some of the blends that have already been added to our website, please continue to check regularly as this is one of our main priorities and we will be constantly adding to this category:

AT192 Helping Hand &Foot

AT196 Soothing Hand &Foot
AT223 Invigorating Rosemary Mint
AT513 Cooling Grapefruit Mint
Citrus Fresh / Surface Cleaner
Essence of Carnation
Essence of Neroli
Pooch Patrol

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