New Packaging just In

We at Ingredients To Die For are always looking for better things for our customers. We believe that it is everyone's right to create a package that is above the normal. With so many companies out there it is hard to stand out in the endless shelves of different products in the store. So it has come to the point that your packaging concept means more than you think, when a retail customer is standing in front of 100's of different products how do they choice what to buy.

Even if we don't like it, the first impression is your packaging and how the overall look comes across to each of us. That is one of the main reasons why a consumer picks up a product. What makes the customer buy a product is based on what your label says about your product.

We are proud to bring in a smaller version of the Acrylic Square Jar Clear with Black Lid and Mist Sprayer 20/410 Shiny Silver w/White

We have a complete line of Acrylic Square Jars and Shiny Silver/White Closures

Happy Crafting...

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