At Ingredients To Die For we have always been customer driven, giving a high priority to what our customers tell us they want or need. In these challenging times what our customers tell us they're customers are telling them is that they need better fragrance delivery that is more comparable to the high end traditional perfume lines that they no longer want to use, but they still want the reliability of those traditional perfumed products. We're happy to help.

 We are pleased to announce our new catalog sub-category 'Perfume Bases'. In this category, which you'll find under our main category 'Cosmetic Bases', you'll find bases that are specifically developed to deliver fragrance more to the level of top shelf perfume lines. The development emphasis behind this line is: longer fragrance staying power, enhanced stability to protect the fragrance from rancidity, lower fragrance requirements, pleasant feel to the skin, and natural ingredients.

 We all know that fragrance is the key to any personal care product line's success. We all want everything that we use to smell good and the better it smells the more we use it. Our customers are no different. If you have two bases, identical in ingredients, and one smells great while the other doesn't, the one that smells good is the one that everyone will reach for, that's just the nature of fragrance.

 In the natural market that has been our biggest hurdle as natural ingredients don't sit on the skin for hours allowing the fragrance to linger and lift off. That simple fact has been shown to be the biggest reason that people don't make the change to natural products. People want to smell good and they want others to notice that they smell good.

 Now, you can have it all. We already have many bases in our Aromatherapy Line that are designed to hold fragrance better, and longer, and now we have perfume bases that you can use to help your customers layer their fragrance for the best staying power, just like the traditional perfume lines. It's no longer true that natural products can't compete with the fragrance impact of these lines.

The traditional approach to fragrance layering is Scented Body Wash, Scented Body Oil or Cream, Scented Powder, and then Perfume, followed by portable Splashes or Colognes, to touch up their fragrance throughout the day.

 The typical fragrance load for these products is:

Body Oil or Cream – 2 to 4%
Body Powder – 4 to 6%
Perfume – 20 to 30%
Splash – 5 to 10%
Cologne – 10 to 15%


We don't offer a powder due the fact that this is very easy to create. You can make your own with a simple combination of powdered materials, that doesn't require any real chemistry back ground. An excellent ingredient to improve the feel of most powdered ingredients is our Oat Powder, which will help make the powder silky to the touch, and more hydrating as it attracts moisture, but not so much that it will make your powder sticky with use.

 The bases in our Aromatherapy line can handle these fragrance loads but, are developed so that they don't require that much fragrance to get a similar result, helping you to control your costs while still giving your customer a product that meets their needs.

The best choices, for carrying and delivering fragrance are:

Body Oil or Creams

Smooth & Silky Body Balm
Deep Moisturizing Body Gel

Shea & Aloe Protective Body Lotion

Simply Natural Cream

You can start with one of those, only needing about half the standard fragrance level, or any of our other bases, followed by ::

Hydrating Body Mist … the perfect way to give your customers a portable, and light, all over body fragrance. Unlike the traditional perfume line cologne splashes our Hydrating Body Mist gives the skin a drink of moisture, and nutrients, with every spray. The perfect choice because it nurtures the skin rather than drying it with alcohol and damaging it with who knows what else is in those things. This base carries fragrance so well that 0.2% has a powerful fragrance impact allowing you to cut your costs while giving your customers a better alternative to traditional perfume splashes.

Hair & Body Spray … this is another mist, similar to the Hydrating Body Mist, but streamlined in ingredients to offer an even better price point. It still delivers fragrance well, and very low ratios, and is still great for the skin, but doesn't have quite the staying power of the Hydrating Body Mist, but is much more economical.

Solid Perfume Base … Our latest addition is a wonderfully silky solid perfume. This is unlike anything that we've tried in the natural market. It goes on super smooth and silky, it carries the fragrance for hours, and feels silky to the touch, not at all waxy. In testing this was found to carry fragrance an average of six hours, with the fragrance staying stable and true. This is also very easy to work with, just warm it gently to soften it, add your fragrance and stir it to combine and bottle. Most of the panel said that they would prefer this to be offered in stick form and it is firm enough for a stick application. We did also find that with natural fragrance the majority preferred the scent level at an average of 20%.


As always, we welcome your feedback on these or any of our other bases. This is a growing category so feel free to let us know what you'd like to see next and we'll do our best to deliver.


Happy Perfuming!
The Ingredients To Die For staff!

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