Skin Nourishing Oil

Skin Nourishing Oil is a light weight oil suitable to all skin types.  Absorbs quickly to leave the skin soft and supple.

As a straight oil it offers excellent skin protection benefits while it locks in the skin's natural moisture.  Skin Nourishing Oil may also be used as part, or all, of the oil phase in all personal care products, especially those geared toward day time protection and skin nourishment.






Make Formula
100 g

0.2% DermaRestore CO2 Active - Regenerative
0.2% Essential Oil Blend * Natural Fragrance
0.5% Black Raspberry Seed Oil,Virgin    Active - Anti-Oxidant                    
0.5% Cranberry Seed Oil Active - Nurturing
1.0% VegeCide Active - ReFatting / Preservative
10.0% Calendula Oil Active - Anti-Inflammatory
20% Avocado Oil Emollient - Moisturizing
20% Meadowfoam Seed Oil Emollient - Nurturing
47.6% Hazelnut Oil Emollient - Balancing

Processing Instruction: 
Combine with high shear mixing to blend in the VegeCide.

Usage Instruction:
Apply a small amount to damp skin.

*  To enhance the skin benefit of Skin Nourishing Oil you may like our:
AT292 Floral Dream for a light floral scent and a skin balancing activity
AT19 Wrinkle Defense for a light amber / citrus scent and a anti-aging activity
AT572 Gentle Jasmine for a warm floral scent and a gentle activity
AT204 Sensual Musk for a delicate floral musk scent and a aphrodisiac activity

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