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VegeMoist and Oat & Honey Gentle Face Scrub / Mask


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We are always changing and bringing in new products while our formulators are always working on new prdoucts to meet the needs of our customers.  There are many wholesale companies out there, but not many make products like we do at the price we can offer them.  Most of our competitors are making lotions, creams and scrubs based on older techonology, while you can count on Ingredients To Die For to use newer cleaner ingredients to make a better product then the competition.  We are a company that you can count on,  with our wide range of products you can create your entire line with our products.  You can have the state of the art ingredients at prices you and your customers can afford.  Anyone can make a lotion using e-wax and stearic acid but very few companies can make creams and lotions using the ingredients that we use.


We also are always looking for newer cleaner ingredients to help you create a more NATURAL product.  At Ingredients To Die For we know that the consumers are looking for products that are more and more natural and we are not just bringing in natural products, the one thing that you can count on is that we understand and know each and every product that we bring in.  We are proud to bring you VegeMoist that is a Food Grade moisturizer derived from Beet Sugar.  Being a betaine, and one of the four classes of osmolytes, it acts to maintain intracellular water levels, preventing damage due to environmental stressors such as UV radiation, and oxidation. This important function allows the cells to function more efficiently, preventing damage and the dehydration responsible for the look of parched, sallow and discolored skin. Unlike traditional humectants, which draw moisture from the environment, VegeMoist adds hydration directly, through it's abundant source of sacharides making it a suitable choice for any climate or environment. With it's cellular hydrating activity VegeMoist is the perfect choice for any formulas designed to improve skin function, especially anti-aging skin care and super moisturizing body care.


Oat & Honey Gentle Face Scrub / Mask

We are proud to bring you a new ALL NATURAL scrub.  This new scrub is designed for sensitive skin, if you have customers that is sensitive to other exflotiants this scrub is for them.  It has a light exflotiant that is perfect for sensitive skin.  This gentle scrub effectively removes the dull, dry surface cells while also soothing and moisturizing the skin.  We formulated this scrub to address irritated, dry and sensitive skin, while using best that nature has to offer.  We use some of the most natural ingredients to create a gentle cleanser, imflammation, soothing, prevent irritation, moisture repair and even skin tone. A natural facial scrub with soft, airy foam to gently cleanse and remove impurities while helping to remove the dead surface cells that can accumulate, especially with mature and pre-maturely aged skin, leaving the complexion dry, patchy and uneven. Smooth and luxurious while also being gentle and moisturizing. A light and fluffy creamy gel with true natural appeal. Foams readily and rinses clean, taking dull dry surface cells with it, leaving your skin feeling smooth and supple with the glow of healthy radiant skin. The multi functionality of this base allows it to be used as a gentle scrub or a hydrating mask, depending on your skins needs. The perfect choice for sensitive, dry or damaged skin types. Bring the spa to your customers and they'll keep coming back for more.

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