Pigments, Dyes & Micas Pigments, Dyes & Micas

Our Pigments, Dyes, & Micas can be used to add color and distinction to your product line or to create your own mineral makeup line if you desire. Natural pigments, derived mainly from mineral sources, have been used as colorants since pre-historic times and a few, notably iron oxides, remain of some significance today. The origins of the synthetic pigment industry may be traced to the introduction of Prussian blue in the early 18th century, pre-dating the synthetic organic colorant industry by some 150 years. Natural pigments tend to be the oxides, sulfides, hydroxides, silicates, sulfates and carbonates of metals. The color of a pigment is determined by its interactions with light by scattering and absorption. Natural Pigments are practically insoluble materials, which require dispersion. FD & C Dyes are colorants approved for Food, Drugs, and Cosmetics. Though they can be purchased in either medium, our selection here is water soluable. The purchase of a few primary colors provides you with a range of color options, using the blending chart provided. Micas are of mineral origin, and are the most reflective surface on earth. This property has made them a brilliant choice for cosmetic colorants, their popularity is presently overwhelming, and continues to grow.


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