The Citrus category contains those oils which are pressed from the from the peel of certain fruits.  Some are then vacuum distilled to remove common irritants and those are referred to as "distilled".  All citrus oils that are pressed from the peel and offered by Ingredients To Die For will be non-sprayed to avoid residual contaminants.  It is crucial that you only purchase citrus oils that are non-sprayed because any contaminants on the peel are literally pressed out of the peel along with the oil  Anything that is on the peel will end up in the oil.

Pressed citrus oils are also known to contain photo sensitizing* chemicals, fuoro coumarins (bergaptene), that enhance the damaging rays of sunlight and can become problematic and lead to tissue damage.  It's important to know exactly what you are using and post warnings where applicable.  Ingredients To Die For offers a full line of distilled citrus oils to avoid the photo sensitizing issues.

We also advise caution when using citrus oils in the bath as some are also known to be irritating, especially Orange, Lemon, and Lime.  Some of these oils will lead to painful blistering, and irritation, of the skin.  This irritation is a result of the oxidation of the oil so it is important to use a good antioxidant in combination with the oils to help control irritation potential.

*The photo sensitizing, or photo toxic, oils make the skin more susceptible to damage when they are on the skin during sun exposure.  Bergamot is an example of a photo toxic oil, there have been cases where the client has used this oil and then been exposed to the sun which resulted in permanent discoloration (blackening) of the skin where the oil was applied.  For this oil there is a safer version available know as FCF (FuoroCoumarinFree) or Bergaptene Free, this is the only form of Bergamot that we recommend, or offer, due to the drastic consequence and unsafe nature of the regular version.


NOTE::  Canadian customer will need to make note of the Cosmetic Restrictions as these oils are restricted and you'll need to follow those guidelines when formulating product for retail sale in Canada.


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