International Customization

Cosmetic Base & Essential Oil Customization for International Customers

Customization Opportunities for International Customers ... Lately we are getting more and more correspondence from our international customers who are frustrated by the fact that they would like to buy our bases, and essential oils for those bases, but don't have the opportunity to test our essential oil blends because the essential oils, even in sample sizes, can not be shipped by air. They believe, and we agree, that it is unfair for them to have to purchase a scented base without having been able to sample the fragrance first. We understand that frustration and have worked diligently to find a solution.

We have implemented a program to allow for customizing a few select bases with our essential oil blends. We believe that these bases will offer a sampling of the most commonly used bases, so that our international customers can evaluate our essential oil blends before investing in large purchases which may turn out to be a loss because they don't like the fragrance. As with all of our customers our goal is 100% satisfaction and we believe that the sample opportunity should be shared by all.

We have made available scented samples of our Shea & Aloe Protective Body Lotion, World's Best Beauty Oil Base, and Cranberry & Coconut Sugar Scrub. These will all be scented at a 1% essential oil level. Because each essential oil sample contains approximately 18 drops of essential oil, and 1% oil level to one ounce of product would be 9 drops, you may choose up to two bases to scent with each essential oil sample. We have chosen these bases because we believe that they are a good representation of standard products being offered by our customers so it will give a sense of what the essential oil blend will smell like in various types of bases. This is a lotion, a oil, and a scrub ... the most commonly used bases. We regret that we can not make all bases available for this sampling however, it would create to much of a disruption in the flow of business and while we want to help our international customers be able to use our essential oil blends, like anyone else, we can't have this opportunity become an inconvenience to our other customers. Because straight essential oils are available anywhere we will not be offering those in this program. There will be no exceptions to this policy. Please understand that the only way that we can do this is to have clear procedures established so please don't call us to ask for other bases as there will be no exception to this policy. If there are other bases that you feel you need to be able to test then please send an email with a request and our management team will consider those requests. The cost to do this will only be $2.00 per sample, which is just enough to cover the additional labor involved in making the scented sample. We have to recover those specific costs in order to avoid passing them on to our other customers which would not be fair to them. You will see that $2.00 built into the price for the essential oil blend sample, which we thought was an easy way to incorporate the cost without making it too difficult. If after you have sampled the general product you feel that you have to try it again at a different essential oil load you may contact us, via email, to let us know how much essential oil you would like added to, or reduced from, the base and we will set it up. You may do this as many times as you feel necessary to make sure that you know exactly what you want.

Once you have chosen the essential oil blends that you would like, and the bases that you would like, you can send us an email to let us know what you have chosen and we will then load those customized products, per our standard customization policy, under "Contract Manufacturing Exclusives" in your account so that you can order them as you would anything else. If you have decided on a essential oil blend but, want to try other bases, you can let us know and we will load them, as an exclusive, for you to sample.

To take advantage of this new program you will just order through the regular catalog by placing your essential oil blend into your cart followed by the base that you want scented with that fragrance. We will use that system to know which base gets which fragrance so it is crucial that you take care to follow the order carefully as these sales will be final once you have confirmed your order. Of course, you can change your cart at any time up to the point that you confirm and finalize your order.

It is our hope that this program will go a long way to satisfying the special needs of our international customers who, unlike our domestic customers, don't share the opportunity to sample the individual essential oils and essential oil blends. This program will be considered a work in progress so please feel free to share your thoughts and make recommendations to improve the program or to make special requests. Please do so via email so that our management has a written copy for record keeping purposes.

You will find all of these items below. If you are not familiar with our product line you can review each item on it's regular website page.


  • STEP 1 ... log in
  • STEP 2 ... click on International Customization from the Product Catalog
  • STEP 3 ... choose a essential oil blend and add it to your cart
  • STEP 4 ... choose one or two of the three base samples and them to your cart
  • STEP 5 ... continue this process until you have all of the base and essential oil samples, that you want to try, loaded in your cart
  • STEP 6 ... continue to complete your order as usual


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