Natural Fragrance (EO Recipes)

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Welcome to the "Natural Fragrance" Section of the ITDF Formulary! In this section, you will find formulations for::  Skin Care Essential Oil Blends, Hair Care Essential Oil Blends, Bath and Body Essential Oil Blends, Therapeutic Essential Oil Blends ...all blends should be diluted in a carrier at a standard recommended dilution rate of 1.0% to 2.0%.  A very rough estimate of percentage is to figure on 8 to 9, drops of essential oil, per one oz, of carrier, as 1.0%.  The exception is the 'power oil blends', each recipe is intended to be added to 1 ounce of base oil. If you do not already have a favorite base to add your essential oil blend to then you may want to  browse our selection of Cosmetic Bases to see if something in our Bath & Body or Skin Care category sections appeals to you.  Otherwise, you can also just choose a basic carrier oil or combination of oils and butters to add your blend to.  If you'd like to make a perfume you may like our Solid Perfume Base - Natural which carries the fragrance well and also works great for power blends that you want to apply to pulse points.

All essential oil formula amounts are given as a single number which is to indicate the parts.  If it reads 1 then it can be 1 drop, 1 milliliter, 1 oz, and so on so, just use the number of parts indicated, regardless of what you decide the part will be.

Please keep in mind that we are posting Natural Fragrance formulas without regard to supplier, or cost.  If you  come across a blend that you feel would require too much of an investment, in oils, but would like to use it, just let us know and we will try to make it available through the website.

These formulas come from a variety of sources::  our own certified / registered Aromatherapists, Aromatherapy books, through the generosity of our customers ... 

All essential oil blends are intended to be built using drops, graduated cylinders, graduated pipettes and so on... they are never intended to be built using standard measuring cups as these are very inaccurate and you will have inconsistency when you reach a larger requirement.  Bear in mind that a part is a part and it doesn't matter whether it's one drop or one milliliter, but that doesn't extend to weight as not all essential oils have the same relative weight to volume.  All blends are intended to be measured by volume, not by weight.

For information about Essential Oils, Absolutes, and CO2 extracts please see the introduction to Natural Fragrance on the main page of our Natural Fragrance Catalog Category.

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