SELECTING FORMULAS/Alphabetical:: Listed below the subcategories are all the formulas available, in alphabetical order. This selection method is best used if you'd like to revisit a formulation you've seen before and remember the title for that document.

SELECTING FORMULAS/Product Type:: If you are browsing formulas in search of a specific type of product, choose one of the classes in the subcategories listed directly beneath this description. For instance, click "Hair Care" and only the formulas for hair care products will appear. To return to the main directory of formulas, click "Back" in your browser or click "THE FORMULARY" in the breadcrumb (title that appears as so: Home THE FORMULARY Hair Care) or click the "THE FORMULARY" in the left hand page navigation.

SELECTING FORMULAS/Skill Level:: To select formulations that are simply processed, have a limited number of ingredients, and are easily the "Skill Level Beginner" tab, and only the formulas in this class will appear. Start here if you're a beginner. Or if you are comfortable with your formulating skills, check out the formulas under "Skill Level Experienced" tab. The Skill Level Advanced will have formulas that may have more complex technique or ingredients that may be more difficult to work with. Remember, we are only a phone call away and are always happy to help.

SEARCHING FORMULAS/Specific Ingredients:: To find formulas with specific ingredients or combinations, use the Keyword Search at the top right of the screen. Enter the word "Formula" and then the ingredient trade name(s), and/or product type. For instance, the search "formula guar vena body wash" would bring up The Cosmebeautiful Body Wash formulation as a result.

We hope you enjoy The Formulary at Ingredients To Die For. To suggest formulas for inclusion, please email with the subject "formula". PLEASE RATE the formulations you've used! Your feedback not only helps us, but also helps other formulators in their selection. Thanks in advance for taking the time to offer your ratings!

As you're browsing the formulas you'll notice a pencil, on the right hand side of the page, click on the pencil to have the formula automatically load into a calculator, where you can easily change the batch size, and the unit of measure.


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