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Ginger Fresh Essential Oil

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Ginger Fresh Essential Oil is steam distilled from the fresh root unlike conventional Ginger essential oil which is a distillation of the dried root.  The difference in fragrance is phenomenal.  The fresh has a smooth, spicy, note while the dried has a dull, dry, sharp, scent.  Like Ginger CO2, the fragrance will, literally, make your mouth water and make you think of holiday gatherings .

Therapeutic Use:  Ginger essential oil is well known for its detoxing effect on the body systems while also being effective for diffusing pain and warming the tissues as it speeds micro circulation.  Also known as a remedy for coughs, colds, and any other systemic issues.  A great choice for any cold / flu, detoxification, and pain blends.  Of course, the quenticential treatment for gastric issues.  The scent alone, of any of the Ginger oils, can help to ease an upset stomach.

Fragrance Impact:  With its warm, spicy, note Ginger Fresh essential oil is a great addition to any blend designed for aphrodisiac appeal where it will smooth out the sweetness, giving the blend that deeper, mentally soothing, impact.



Botanical: Zingiber officinalis
Part: Fresh Root
Origin: Madagascar
Extraction: Steam Distilled
Class: Sesquiterpene
Note: Base
Appearance: Golden Non-Visous Liquid
Odor: Characteristic Spicy


Skin Care:  0.1 - 0.2%
Body / Hair Care:  0.2 - 1.0%
Spot Treatment:  Up to 4.0%


  • base note
  • spicy
  • combines well with citrus, especially the sweet citrus oils, green notes, herbals, woods


    • clarifying
    • acne
    • oil control
    • detoxing
    • soothing, calming
    • stimulating
    • aphrodisiac


  • for a gently stimulating effect try combining with myrtle, eucalyptus, fir
  • for an effective detox treatment try combining with grapefruit,  basil, atlas cedar

INCI:  Zingiber officinale (Ginger) Root Oil 

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