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Sandalwood Essential Oil AUS

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Sandalwood Essential Oil AUS is steam distilled from the heart wood of Sandalwood trees in Western Australia.  Sandalwood Essential Oil is in such high demand that the trees in India were pushed almost to the brink of extinction creating governmental control that has limited the availability of Indian Sandalwood essential oil (Santalum album) for many years.  The Sandalwood Essential Oil from Australia is just as beautiful and carries the same therapeutic benefits and fragrance though not as strong.  Due to the lack of restrictions the Sandalwood Essential Oil from Australia is much more cost effective.

Therapeutic Use:  Sandalwood Essential Oil AUS has many uses in skin, bath, and body care.  It is well known for its supportive effect on the tissues, being effective for dry, chapped, cracked skin and even rashes and acne.  Truly suitable for all skin types.  In Aromatherapy Sandalwood Essential Oil is considered one of the most effective essential oils for use in meditation, where it slows the breathing and supports deeper concentration and connection.

In perfuming and fragrance building the addition of even a small amount of Sandalwood Essential Oil is very effective to bind the fragrances together and create long lasting blends that wear evenly.  The scent contribution is not singular and doesn't really add any of it's own scent,  instead it softens and smooths the fragrance, making it a great addition and a must for perfuming work.   

Fragrance Impact:  The fragrance of Sandalwood Essential Oil stands alone.  It has a delicate woody scent that is warm and rich.  When combined with other oils it is a powerful base note where it deepens, and enhances, almost any fragrance without altering it with it's own scent.  It is one of the most powerful fixatives available.

TIP ... for a beautiful base accord try combining in equal parts with Patchouli and it will smooth out the 'green' effect of Patchouli



Botanical: Santalum spicatum
Part: Heartwood
Origin: Australia
Extraction: Steam Distilled
Class: Sesquiterpenol
Appearance: light yellow to clear slightly viscous liquid


Skin Care:  0.1 - 0.5%
Body / Hair Care:  0.2 - 1.0%
Spot Treatment:  Up to 4.0%


  • base note
  • woody
  • combines well with all essential oils, especially the sweet citrus oils, green notes, and other woods


    • repair
    • acne
    • moisturizing
    • detoxing
    • soothing, calming
    • grounding
    • meditative


  • for a deep calming effect try combining with myrhh
  • for an effective skin detox treatment try combining with grapefruit, thyme linalool, and atlas cedar
  • if you've had that one perfume blend that you haven't been able to hold together try adding 0.15%

INCI:  Santalum spicatum (Sandalwood) Wood Oil >

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