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Rosemary AntiOxidant CO2

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Rosemary Anti-Oxidant is a CO2 extraction of the leaves of wild crafted Rosmarinus officinalis. A specialized extraction for high carnosol levels, Rosemary Anti-Oxidant offers unmatched protection, from rancidity, and degradation, for all of your natural oil blends.

An excellent addition to your anhydrous oils and scrubs, to protect them from rancidity, and naturally extend their shelf life. Like MT50, Rosemary Anti-Oxidant also makes a great addition to your more fragile oils. Just .02% added to those oils will extend their shelf life by approximately 12 months. Try a little in your precious oils like; Wheatgerm, Evening Primrose, and Rosehip Seed, and you'll be thrilled at the improvement.

Being a CO2 extract, Rosemary Anti-Oxidant will also deliver a multitude of other benefits where it's well known for improving memory, and circulation, while aiding in systemic protection from free radical damage, and excellent skin protecting activity. The only botanical in the famous 'Hungary Water' ... a tincture of Rosemary tops was prepared, and used daily, by the Queen of Hungary, to treat her gout and restore her legs ... considered by many to be the 'Vitality Herb'.


Botanical: Rosmarinus officinalis
Part: Herb
Origin: Spain
Extraction: Carbon Dioxide
Class: Diterpenoid
Appearance: Viscous Brown Liquid
Odor: Characteristic Herbal


  • .02 - 0.1%
  • add at cool down
  • store tightly closed, protected from heat and light
  • 5yr shelf when handled, and stored, properly


  • bath and body oils
  • emulsions
  • carrier oil blends
  • fragile oils
  • all anhydrous formulations

The Ingredients To Die For Rosemary Anti-Oxidant is the pure CO2 extract, not the sunflower seed oil version that has flooded the cosmetics market. As such, it is packaged in glass, like all other essential oils, and absolute. In order to avoid leakage, in transit, the glass bottles will still come with an orifica reducer. Please remove the reducer before use as it will not dispense through the reducers. This will be very hard to work with in your small trials, be careful to avoid over use.

INCI: Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) CO2 Leaf Extract

INCI: Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) CO2 Leaf Extract

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