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Basil Linalool Essential Oil

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Basil Linalool Essential Oil, also referrred to as Sweet Basil, is steam distilled from the leaf of Ocimum basilicum plants. Basil Linalool Essential Oil, or Sweet Basil, is one of the more gentle oils in the Basil family. Where the other Basil oils are phenolic, and must be used with extreme caution, this Linalool variety is much softer and is easy to work with. Despite its more gentle nature, Basil Linalool, or Sweet Basil, does deliver calming and decongestant activity.

Therapeutic Use: Basil Linalool Essential Oil, or Sweet Basil, is a powerful anti-depressant oil and is well suited to calming blends, especially where there is a lack of focus and a need to reverse mental fatigue and nervous tension. In Aromatherapy Basil Linalool Essential Oil, or Sweet Basil, is used to soothe sore, aching muscles, and to treat depression and other conditions of the mental state, where the fragrance is very soothing. Basil Linalool Essential Oil, or Sweet Basil, is also a great choice as a gentle decongestant. A great oil for diffusing in a a study room where it will improve mental clarity and concentration.

Fragrance Impact: Basil Linalool Essential Oil, or Sweet Basil, is soft, sweet, and spicy, with a clean fragrance, very reminiscent of Liquorish. It blends very nicely with any of the citrus essential oils, especially Lemon X5, or plain Lemon, other great essential oils for concentration, as well as other herbal essential oils and woody notes, especially Atlas Cedar essential oil.

For a great concentration enhancer blend try combining the essential oils of: Basil Linalool, Lemon, Atlas Cedar and Rosemary.


Botanical: Ocimum basilicum (Basil) Leaf / Flower Oil
Part: Leaf / flower
Origin: France
Extraction: Steam Distilled
Class: Monoterpenol
Note: Middle Note
Appearance: Clear to Light Yellow / Non-Viscous Liquid
Odor: Characteristic Basil


Skin Care: Oily Skin Types
Psychological: Grounding / Stabilizing
Physiological:� Decongestant / Detox

Skin Care: 0.01 - 0.1%
Body / Hair Care: 0.1 - 0.7%
Spot Treatment: Up to 3.0%

INCI: Ocimum basilicum(Basil) Leaf Oil

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