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Oat Protein, Hydrolyzed

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Oat Protein, Hydrolyzed is naturally derived from Aveena sativa kernels.  Unlike most cereal proteins Oat Protein, Hydrolyzed is considered to be comparable to animal proteins.  Unique among grain proteins Oat Protein, Hydrolyzed contains two proteins, avenin and glubulins, which are not found in any other grain proteins.  

Oats, in almost all forms, have been used since the beginning of time in the treatment of all manner of skin ailments where they offer skin softening, skin soothing, and anti-inflammatory benefits. 

Oat Protein, Hydrolyzed offer a good solution to todays demand for cosmetics without the controversy of gluten and gmo.


  • Added to Cool Down Phase
  • Use 2 to 8%
  • Hair
    • Lustre
    • Reduced Breakage
    • Softens and Smooths
    • Repair and Protection
  • Skin
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Improves Glide
    • Imparts Smoothness
    • Soothes Irritation and Itching
  • Skin Car • Body Care • Hair Care
    • Conditioners, Rinse Out and Leave In
    • Sensitive Skin Products
    • Cleansers, Shampoos
    • Styling Aids
    • Creams
    • Lotions
    • Gels

Appearance: Light Amber Non Viscous Liquid                                                                             
Odor: Characteristic, Protein
Solubility: Water
Storage: Cool, Tightly Sealed, Protected from Heat / Moisture / Freezing
May Sediment on Standing / Mix or Stir Prior to Use
Shelf: 24 Months when Properly Stored / Handled

NOTE ::  Oat products (Avena sativa) are not expected to contain gluten however, they are processed in a facility that processes ingredients that do.

INCI: Aveena sativa (Oat) Kernel Protein

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