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Rich & Balanced Surfactant Blend

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Rich & Balanced Surfactant Blend is our answer to our most requested product ... an easy to use surfactant blend that contains a combination of surfactant types for balanced performance and luxurious foam.

Rich & Balanced Surfactant Blend is a combination of the best of the best. A special combination of the natural surfactants that deliver gentle cleansing and soft, luxurious, foam. With: the prized Decyl and Coco Glucosides for gentle efficient cleansing; Foaming Soy to preserve the skin's natural oils; BabyFoam for silky foam and soft skin; and of course, Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate to top it all off and improve the skin's moisture reserves. Everything you need to remove dirt and toxins while protecting the skin and delivering incredible skin softness and silky luxurious lather.

Rich & Balanced Surfactant Blend is perfect for all top shelf cleansing systems. Take the guesswork out of building that perfect cleanser. From head to toe Rich & Balanced Surfactant Blend allows you to easily create your own high performance shampoo, wash, bath gel, and facial cleanser. Just add your favorite liquid base or choose one of our favorites: Aloe Juice, botanical extract, hydrosol, or purified water, plus your desired actives, your natural preservative and a gelling agent if you prefer a thicker cleanser and that's it.

Our customers tell us that they love BabyFoam but hate working with it because it adds too much labor and processing costs. Rich & Balanced Surfactant Blend is our solution to that problem, now you can save $$$ on your investment in materials, processing time, and your shipping.

Offering unsurpassed skin moisturization, and smooth feel on application, Rich & Balanced Surfactant Blend is the perfect surfactant blend for all of your natural products. Particularly suitable for your gentle and luxury cleansing products.


Appearance: Opaque Viscous Liquid *
Odor: Characteristic
Solubility: Water
Storage: Protected from Heat, Light, Freezing, Air
Shelf: 24 mos. Properly Stored / Handled
pH: 6.5 to 8.5


15.0 to 40.0%
Add to water phase with gentle mixing
When adding carrier oils add them to the surfactant blend, with gentle mixing, then combine with water phase


  • shaving cream (add 2% stearic acid and 4% cupuacu butter to formula)
  • delicate wash
  • face wash
  • body wash
  • shampoo (add 1 to 2% protein or 0.5% creatine to formula)
*Viscosity is relative and reactive to temperature. The colder this gets the thicker it will get. In the winter months this may be a soft solid. This is expected. This does not effect performance. Allow to come to room temperature and stir prior to use.

Employ adequate measures to avoid breathing in vapor while processing
Read and understand the MSDS prior to working with this or any material

INCI: Coco Glucoside, Decyl Glucoside, Sodium Cocoyl Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate

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