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Eucalyptus Staigeriana (Lemon Ironbark) Essential Oil

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Eucalyptus Staigeriana (Lemon Ironbark) Essential Oil is steam distilled from the leaves of the Eucalyptus tree known in Australia as Lemon Ironbark. The scent is very lemony with hints of wood notes with the familiar herbaceous quality of Eucalyptus. It is intensely clean, refreshing and uplifting. The smoothest of all the Eucalyptus oils. No other oil is better to make you feel good.

Eucalyptus Staigeriana (Lemon Ironbark) Essential Oil like the other Eucalyptus oils is known for it's anti-microbial and anti-infectious benefits.An excellent oil to diffuse and freshen the air. Like the other precious lemon oils, and similar to Lemon Verbena, the aldehydes are known to improve the mood. Also a great choice for muscle pain and for use as a immune stimulant.

There is no better way to feel good while cleaning that blending with Eucalyptus Staigeriana (Lemon Ironbark). Try mixing with regular Eucalyptus, Lavender and Tea Tree and you'll have one of the best natural cleansing blends with a refreshing clean lemon scent. Even better, add 25 to 35% vinegar and make clean up a breeze!

One of our favorite customers described Eucalyptus Staigeriana (Lemon Ironbark) Essential Oil as "Litsea on stearoids" and we agree.


Botanical: Eucalyptus staigeriana (Lemon Ironbark) Leaf Oil
Part: Leaf
Origin: Australia
Extraction: Steam Distilled
Class: Aldehyde
Note: Top
Appearance: Clear to Light Golden
Non-Viscous Liquid
Odor: Characteristic


Skin Care: oily, acne
Psychological: uplifting,
Physiological: stimulating, opens the sinuses, decongestant, immune support, pain relieving


Lemony, Sharp, clean, powerful
Blends well with all other cineols or camphoraceous oils, wood oils, especially the mints
Adds a clean, lemon herbaceous, scent to blends


  • for a deeply stimulating blend try combining with peppermint and rosemary
  • try combining with lavender and pine to clear the air, especially sick rooms
  • try combining with tea tree and rosemary camphor to aid
    the immune system and speed healing when you have a cold or other respiratory
    condition, especially wiith sinus pressure

strong>CAUTION ... not to be taken internally, no matter what you read.
... not to be used directly in the bath (follow all protocols for the other lemon (aldehyde) oils

INCI: Eucalyptus staigeriana (Lemon Ironbark) Leaf Oil

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