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Rosehip Seed Powder, Face - Body

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Rosehip Seed Powder, Face - Body

Rosehip Seed Powder combines the traditional cosmetic use of Rosehip with a new application of Rosehip
seeds: exfoliation. Traditional use of Rosehip is mainly based on its sensorial properties, which convey an
image both of delicacy and effectiveness. In the same way, Rosehip exfoliates the skin in a mild
but efficient way, giving the skin a healthier and more radiant appearance.


  • Young skin (< 20 years old). Major characteristics of this type of skin are: abundant sebum secretion and desquamation problems, which result in a tendency to acne. Rosehip Seed Powder helps restoring normal desquamation and removes fatty impurities accumulated on the skin. Oil-free Rosehip seeds have purifying effects by removing rests of epidermal fatty material.
  • Adult skin (20-40 years old). Due to daily life activities, the skin is subjected to different environmental challenges such as urban pollution, closed environments or smoke, which produce accumulation of impurities on the skin. Additionally, adult skin starts to show some irregularities due to accumulation of dead cells. Rosehip Face cleans the face skin leaving it better oxygenated and purified. Rosehip seeds perform a mildly peeling of the epidermis, removing dead cells accumulations and smoothing the face skin.
  • Mature skin (> 40 years old). Epidermal aging brings about slowdown of the desquamation
    process, which results in skin thickening and roughness. Rosehip Face smoothes the
    skin, removes dead cells and regulates the skin relief.

Rosehip Seed Powder is great for use in cleansing, or refining, products for face and body.

Recommended Concentration:

  • 5% - 10% in gels
  • 25% - 50% in scrubs

INCI: Rosa rubiginosa (Rosehip) Seed Powder

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