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White Kaolin Clay - Sensitive Skin

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NatureClay Specification

Chemical Analysis


With the application of NatureClay products you can:

increase the supply of oxygen making skin tissues function and regenerate better, which is left cleaner, firmer and revitalized, resulting in a younger and healthier look with an increase in the effectiveness of all of your other cosmetic treatments.


NatureClays are one of the most versatile cosmetic ingredients:

mixing directly with water, hydrosols or extracts for direct application to the skin as detoxifying, regenerative mask treatments or formulated into products such as, face masks and scrubs, creams and shampoos. The clays allow the enrichment of formulas with the energy and vitality of their trace elements and the dynamics of their natural colors. They are representative of the rich earth and Mediterranean forests from where they are mined.


What the Color Variations will mean to your formulations:

Each clay will have the same basic activity, however, because the color of these earth elements comes from the elemental content of the clay each color will also have a specific activity that is unique to that color which is due to the higher level of those elements that give it it's unique color.  This White Kaolin Clay's specific activity is

For general information please see the Color Clay Specification.

INCI: White Kaolin

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