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Lemon Essential Oil ORG

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Lemon Essential Oil ORG is pressed from the peel of the fruit.  Though this is usually referred to as an essential oil it is not a steam distilled oil.  Lemon Essential Oil ORG is well known for it's cleansing and purifying activity.  

Lemon Essential Oil ORG is the perfect oil for environmental fragrance.  Several studies have proven that lemon diffused throughout the work place reduces fatigue errors and improves concentration.  It is a must have for your personal first aid kit where it also purifies and cleanses.

From the Mediterranean region which is the perfect climate, with the perfect soil conditions, this is a beautiful lemon with true fruity, fresh notes.



Botanical:               Citrus limonum
Part: Peel
Origin: Italy
Extraction: Cold Pressed
Appearance: Clear-Light Yellow  Non-Viscous Liquid
Odor: Characteristic Lemon Tart / Sweet
Class: Aldehyde


Skin Care 0.2 - 0.3%                                                             
Body: 0.2 - 1.0%
Hair Care: 0.2 - 1.0%
Spot Treatment: Up to 4.0%                                                                                       


  • top note
  • fruity citrus
  • combines well with other citrus, especially the sweet citrus oils, green notes, dry florals 


    • clarifying
    • acne
    • oil control
    • brightening
    • concentration enhancement
    • uplifting
    • revitalizing



Because this oil is expressed from the peel, while not fully ripe, it is known to contain a fairly high level of chemicals (coumarins) that will intensify the damaging effects of the sun, increasing the burning potential on the skin.  It is important that this oil not be used immediately prior to sun exposure or without a sunscreen.

Because this oil contains citral use caution in the bath as there is potential for serious irritation.  Always include a high level of monoterpene alcohols, and / or Anti-Oxidants, to help reduce the irritation potential.

Air Dilution: 40%

INCI:  Citrus limonum  (Lemon) Peel Oil

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