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Anise Seed Essential Oil

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Anise Seed Essential Oil is steam distilled from the seeds of the Pimpinella anisum plant. It's odor is intensely sweet and clean.

Like most of the oils distilled from the seed, and common herbs, this is a powerful therapeutic oil, with phenolic constituents.

In Aromatherapy, Anise Seed Essential Oil is mostly used for muscle work and congestion, as well as to treat conditions of stress and over excitement as it is said to have an immediate calming effect on the central nervous system, to slow one down. When used on it's own Anise Seed Essential Oil will give your products a spicy / sweet licorice scent with a calming activity.

In blending Anise Seed Essential Oil can add a depth of intensity and a warm note. It blends well with any citrus oils, as well as any of the other spice, seed, oils. A great choice for adding that food note to blends.


Botanical: Pimpinella anisum
Part: Seed
Origin: Egypt
Extraction: Steam Distilled
Class: Phenol
Appearance: Pale Amber Non Viscous Liquid
Odor: Characteristic / Sweet Spicy
Note Type: Middle / Top Bridge


Skin Care: parasitic treatments, detox treatments, congested skin
Psychological: relaxing, grounding
Physiological intense autonomic nervous system trigger, calming, stabilizing:


The fragrance is smooth sweet, clean and slightly spicy offering a food like note to blends
Blends well with other spices, especially vanilla


Not to be used in pregnancy or on sensitive skin
Use sparingly, this is one of the 'HOT' oils.

INCI: Pimpinella anisum (Anise) Seed Oil

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