Rose Otto Essential Oil

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Rose Otto Essential Oil is considered the queen of flowers and comes to us in many different varieties. This Rose Otto Essential Oil is steam distilled from the Damask Rose and is referred to as Rose Otto, meaning it is steam distilled. When the oil is extracted by a solvent it is referred to as an Absolute. Rose Otto Essential Oil is one of the most costly essential oils due to the low yield of its distillation, it takes about two and a half dozen roses to produce a single drop of Rose Otto Essential Oil. Because of this low yield Rose Damask is more commonly available in the Absolute form. The difference in fragrance is dramatic. The absolute is sweet and smells just like the flower, while the distilled oil is dry and green, with a very strong odor impact. It takes just a tiny amount to give any blend the distinct Rose Otto Essential Oil fragrance. As a general rule, if you are doing perfuming work you will probably want to use the Absolute and reserve the Rose Otto Essential Oil for therapeutic and skin care applications. Rose Otto should not be confused with Rose Moroc (Centifolia). Rose Moroc has a much sweeter floral fragrance while the Rose Otto has a dry floral fragrance. Rose Moroc is what is traditionally used in perfumes.

Rose Otto Essential Oil is also available from a variety of regions. We have chosen the Bulgarian due to it's chemical profile, which contains higher levels of the therapeutic, and aromatic, components due to the climate and proximity to the sun. In Aromatherapy Rose Otto Essential Oil is one of the most sought after oils due to its powerful emotional and spiritual impact where it offers emotional support and a soothing effect on the psyche, while also being a skin nurturing oil suitable for all skin types.

Rose Otto Essential Oil blends very nicely with the sweeter oils, especially Lavender High Altitude, Chamomile Roman and Ylang Ylang. Combines nicely with the other dry oils for unisex and masculine applications. Rose Otto Essential Oil is especially nice blended with Lemon Essential Oil but be sure to use the Lemon Steam Distilled Essential Oil in skin care applications to avoid the photo sensitivity issues.


INCI: Rosa demascena (Rose Otto) Flower Oil
Part Used: Flowers
Origin: Bulgaria
Extraction Method: Steam Distillation
Appearance: Clear to Pale Amber Slightly Viscous Liquid / Crystallizes when Cold
Odor: Characteristic - Dry Floral
Main Chemical Class: Monoterpenol
Perfume Note: Middle / Base Bridge

Skin Care: nurturing to all skin types, especially mature
Psychological: emotional stabilizer, spiritual soother relieving grief and sorrow

Best used for its therapeutic activity, combined with the other oils that support your desired effect.
Does not combine well with other dry oils, unless you're looking for a masculine / unisex fragrance.
Combines well with other sweet florals, citrus and the conifers (woods).
Very powerful fragrance, use as only a small part of your blend for best results.

TIP... when working with this oil, in a dropper bottle, put the bottle in your pocket for a few minutes to warm it for easy dispensing as it will be hard to get drops out when it's even slightly cold as it will slightly crystallized.

INCI:� Rosa demascena (Rose) Flower Oil

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