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AT204 Sensual Musk

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ALERT! Clearance priced essential oils may be packaged in opaque HDPE plastic bottles to reduce transit risk.

Sensual Musk is a blend of 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils, and absolutes, combined for their aphrodisiac activity as well as their fragrance.  The therapeutic activity of the chosen essential oils is mainly aphrodisiac, and arousing, but, also builds confidence and strength.  Includes two of our favorite musky notes, Ambrette CO2 which is a vegetable musk, and Sandalwood, which is a woody musk.

Sensual Musk is not only a great aphrodisiac, it goes well beyond the phsychological effects to offer excellent skin nurturing activity, with a powerful combination of anti-aging essential oils that offer regenerative, and moisturizing, activity.

Sensual Musk is a smooth musky fragrance, with notes of Vanilla and Musk, that will give your products a deep, calming, impact.


  • Jasmin and Vanilla  ♦  Build Confidence and Invoke Warm Memories  ♦  Aphrodisiac
  • Rosewood  ♦  Strength and Courage  ♦  Regenerative
  • Frankincense and Sandalwood  ♦  Calming & Centering  ♦  Restructure and Tighten
  • Lavender  ♦  Relaxing and Calming  ♦  Heals and Protects
  • Patchouli  ♦  Restores Peace & Tranquility  ♦  Moisturizes for Deep Repair
  • Ylang Ylang  ♦ Euphoric and Aphrodisiac  ♦ Restores Balance
  • Violet  ♦  Builds Confidence  ♦  Aphrodisiac  ♦  Soothes Irritated Skin
  • Myrhh  ♦  Calms and Restores Confidence  ♦  Revitalizes Skin
  • PalmaRosa  ♦  De-stress and Renew  ♦  Balancing and Regenerative
  • Neroli and Rose  ♦  Reduce Anxiety, Calm  ♦  Nurture Mature Skin
  • Geranium  ♦  Relieves Anxiety and Stress  ♦  Restores Balance


  • Strength :: High Impact
  • Usage ::
    • 0.25 to 1.0% Skin Care
    • 0.5 to 1.5% Bath and Body
    • 5.0 to 30% Perfumes and Pulse Point
  • Known Aromatherapeutic Effect ::
    • Mood :: Relaxing
    • Psyche :: Arousing
    • Skin ::  Nurturing and Regenerative
  • Classification :: synergy of monoterpenols, sesquiterpenols, aldehydes, esters, musk, citrus

TIPS :::
This is a very powerful blend and it won't take much to add its impact to your products.  With this blend less is definitely more as it's power comes from it's subtlety and delicate nature.  To an 8oz bottle we would recommend .5%  fragrance so, even though this is one of our most precious, and costly, blends you could scent an 8oz bottle of your favorite lotion for only $1.42 in essential oils which would give you a product that would rival even the best perfume lines and get you even more compliments.

This is, absolutely, fabulous at 0.5% in our Smooth & Silky Body Balm

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INCI: Pelargonium graveolens (Geranium) Leaf Oil, Lavendula angustifolia (Lavender) Flower Oil, Aniba roseodora (Rosewood / Bois de Rose) Wood Oil, Cymbopogon maritnii (Palma Rosa) Leaf / Flower Oil, Boswelia carterii (Frankincense) Resin Oil, Cananga odorata var.Genuana (Ylang Ylang) Flower Oil, Hibiscus abemoschus (Ambrette) Seed CO2, Citrus deliciosa (Mandarin) Peel Oil, Vanilla planifolia (Vanilla) Bean CO2, Vanilla planifolia (Vanilla) Bean Absolute, Jasminum grandiflorum (Jasmin Grand) Flower Absolute, Jasminum sambac (Jasmin Sambac) Flower Absolute, Rosa demascena (Rose Otto) Flower Oil, Rosa demascena (Rose Otto) Flower Absolute, Pogostemon cablins (Patchouli) Leaf Oil, Citrus paradisii (Grapefruit) Peel Oil, Commiphora myrhha (Myrhh) Resin Oil, Viola odorata (Violet) Leaf Absolute

Sensual Musk is a blend of 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils, and absolutes, combined for their aphrodisiac activity as well as their fragrance.

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