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Lavender Bulgarian Essential Oil

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Lavender Bulgarian Essential Oil is steam distilled from the flowering tops of Lavandula angustifolia. There are many varieties of Lavender essential oil. This is a standard Lavender essential with just enough linalool to give it some sweetness but not as much sweetness as our Lavender Essential Oil High Altitude The fragrance of our Lavender Bulgarian Essential Oil is smooth and warm with just a little sweetness and more warm herbal notes but not as much of the herbal notes as in the Officinalis varieties. You can think of this Lavender Bulgarian essential oil as having a fragrance that is in between the dry herbal Lavender essential oil and the very sweet high altitude Lavender essential oil. Still sweet enough for all of your Aromatherapy bath, and body, product lines and always the perfect choice for therapeutic relaxation.

Lavender Bulgarian Essential Oil, like other Lavender essential oils, is well known for being one of the most versatile essential oils. Being one of the most relaxing essential oils, while also being one of the most healing, it is a must have for your personal first aid kit. See our Therapeutic Reference Guide for tips and complimentary essential oils.

Try Lavender Bulgarian Essential Oil for your evening relaxation products, such as shower gels and especially bath salts and bubble baths.

Lavender Bulgarian Essential Oil, just like our Lavender Essential Oil High Altitude, is also a great choice for your diffuser, nebulizer or aroma stone. Try using Lavender essential oil whenever you need to unwind from the stress of a busy day and you'll be ready for a relaxing evening in no time. A great linen or room spray to help you drift off to sleep. Try adding a little Lavender, mandarin and grapefruit to your environment and you'll be hooked. Love the fragrance of Lavender but prefer a pick me up? Try combining with Eucalyptus and Fir or Pine. The fragrance is amazing and energizing rather than relaxing.


INCI: Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) Flower / Leaf Oil
Part: Flowering Tops
Origin: Bulgaria
Extraction: Steam Distilled
Class: Ester
Appearance: Clear Non-Viscous Liquid


Skin Care: nurturing, healing, soothing
Psychological: emotional stabilizer, relaxing


The fragrance is warm and sweet, a cross of herbal and floral notes
Very versatile, combines well with all other oils, especially citrus and other florals


  • for a deeply relaxing blend try combining with chamomile roman, at trace, and sandalwood
  • for an exceptional soothing / healing blend try combining with helichrysum (everlasting) and peppermint

INCI: Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) Flower Oil

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