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OliveWax is a lipid wax obtained from pure Olive Oil, also known as OliWax. The manufacturing process allows the properties, and benefits, of the Olive Oil to remain intact for delivery of the actives into the tissues where it will deliver a multitude of skin, and hair, benefits. OliveWax offers a unique approach to conditioning both the hair and the skin.

OliveWax (OliWax) is a thickener, and stability enhancer and may be considered one of todays advanced emulsification enhancers. Due to it Olive Oil backbone being similar to human sebum it offers significant improvement to any emulsion, improving spreadability, and giving the emulsion a lighter touch. OliveWax (OliWax) is also very easy to work with as it has no special processing requirements.

OliveWax (OliWax) is also a great choice for hair care products where it acts as a conditioner to improve over all manageability and silkiness. It's use in any deep conditioner will help to clear the scalp of clogged follicles, for optimal function and healthy hair.

OliveWax (OliWax) is a one to one substitution for Beeswax, making it easy to turn any recipe into a vegan approved version. Many products that contain Beeswax lack stability and they can be stiff which causes soaping (this is when a cream just rubs across the skin turning white rather than penetrating the skin)l. OliveWax (OliWax), used as a replacement for Beeswax, offers all of the benefits with none of the drawbacks.


  • Off White Flake
  • Characteristic Odor
  • Oil Soluble
  • Store Tightly Closed, Protected from Heat
  • 68 Month Shelf when Properly Handled, and Stored


  • Add to Oil Phase
  • 1 to 10%
    • 1.0 to 3.0%
      • as moisturizer
      • emulsion stabilizer
      • hair conditioning
    • 3.0 to 5.0%
      • pigment carrier
    • 2.0 to 5.0%
      • structuring
      • oil gelling
    • 3.0 to 10.0%
      • beeswax substitute
  • Moisturizing
  • Conditioning
  • Thickening
  • Source of Squalene
  • Beeswax Replacement
  • Stability Enhancement
  • Compatibility with Silicones
  • Protection Against Oxidation
  • Delivery of Actives into the Skin
  • Similarity to Human Skin Lipid System


  • skin care
    • creams and lotions
  • body care
    • Creams and lotions
    • salves and balms
    • lotion bars
  • hair care
    • leave in
    • rinse off
    • shampoos
    • conditioner
    • styling agent

INCI: Hydrogenated Olea europaea (Olive Oil) (and) Olea europaea (Olive Oil) (and) Olea europaea (Olive Oil) Unsaponifiables
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