Rose Moroc (Centifolia) Absolute Essential Oil

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Rose Moroc (Centifolia) is a wonderful addition to any fragrance blending. It should not be confused with Rose Otto Essential Oil. Rose Otto is the species Demascena and is steam distilled while the Rose Moroc is the species Centifolia and is an absolute. The difference is scent is significant. Rose Moroc has the true scent of fresh picked Rose petals and is the scent that most people are expecting when they think of Rose.

Like the essential oils of flower buds, the absolutes are considered to be beneficial for the health of the skin. Rose, of all species and types, is one of the most revered of all flower oils and is highly used in mature skin care.

Rose Moroc (Centifolia) blends very nicely with the sweeter oils, especially Lavender High Altitude, Chamomile Roman and Ylang Ylang Combines nicely with the other dry oils for unisex and masculine applications. Rose Moroc (Centifolia). like Rose Otto, is especially nice blended with Lemon Essential Oil but be sure to use the Lemon Steam Distilled Essential Oil in skin care applications to avoid the photo sensitivity issues.

Botanical (INCI) Name: Rosa centifolia (Rose) Flower Oil
Part Used: Flowers
Origin: Morocco
Extraction Method: Solvent
Appearance: Pale to Dark Amber Slightly Viscous Liquid
Odor: Characteristic - Sweet Floral
Main Chemical Class: Multi
Perfume Note: Middle / Base Bridge

Skin Care: nurturing to all skin types, especially mature
Psychological: emotional stabilizer, spiritual soother relieving grief and sorrow

Best used for its fragrance, combined with the other oils that support your desired scent.
Combines well with dry oils.
Combines well with other florals, citrus (especially lemon) and the conifers (woods).
Very powerful fragrance, use as only a small part of your blend for best results.

INCI: Rosacentifolia(Rose) Absolute

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