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Silk Saltz

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This is the most luxurious bath salts I have every used. This would be a perfect recipe for men's toiletries as it has not bubbles and is not oily feeling. Really softens skin and makes you feel super soft. This formulas has a skill level rating of Beginner.





Make Formula
100 g
46.8% Epson Salt
37.4% Dead Sea Salts
3.3% Silica Gel
7.8% Cyclomethicone
3.2% Kukui Nut Oil
1.5% Essential Oil


Mix salts together well with Silica Gel to prevent caking. Mix together in separate bowl Cyclomethicone, oil, and fragrance. Mix the dry phase and wet phase together well. I like to do this with my hands. Be sure and wear gloves. You can color this saltz with mica if you like. Very pretty Saltz all by itself or with the mica.

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