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VegeCream Recipe

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VegeCream is a luscious hand and body lotion designed to replenish moisture and hydration. The simple elegance of VegeCream is a demonstration of the creative use of natural ingredients combined to deliver superior performance and a silky smooth lotion that glides across with the ease of a lotion but delivers the richness of a cream to leave the skin soft and supple.

We've made this cream ultra easy to produce by using our most popular oil blends for ultimate skin nurturing and protection benefits with just two easy additions which also saves you from having to invest in so many oils.


Phase A  



Make Formula
100 g
50.7% Purified Water Diluent
  or other Water Based Ingredient such as extracts or aloe  
10.0% Rose Hydrosol Active - Hydration
2.0% NatureSilk Active - Hydration
3.0% VegeMoist (Beet Sugar Extract) Active - Hydration
1.5% Gluconolactone & Sodium Benzoate (GSB) Preservative
Phase B  

Cupuacu Butter
Kokum Butter


Emollient - AntiOxidant
7% Avocado Oil Emollient - Replenishing
12% PhytoSol Sun Protection Oil Emollient - Regenerative
6.0% VegeMulse NG Emulsifier - Thickener - Lipid Enhancer
Phase C  
0.8% Baobab Protein, Hydrolyzed Active -        NMF
Moisture Barrier
1.0% Essential Oil Natural Fragrance


1. Combine A and mix high shear until powders dissolve. Begin heating to 180F.
2. Combine B and begin heating to 180F, stirring occasionally.
When two phases reach temperature remove from heat and begin mixing B with high shear, add A with continuous mixing. Continue mixing
until cooled to 110F.
3. Add C to combined and cooled A and B.

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