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Vigor Cellulite Bar

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Get up and go with this "perk" me up" body bar. The caffeine, and peppermint, will give you an eye opening start, even on those days when you just can't get going, while also stimulating the tissues to refine and smooth. 
For enhanced detox, or stimulating, effect try adding one of our therapeutic essential oils blends;  AT522 Refreshing Detox for a medicinal scent, AT132 DetoxiTissue for a herbal / ginger scent, AT22 CelluliteAid for a citrus / woody scent.

Not intended for use on the face.


Phase A  


Make Formula
100 g
11.87% Purified Water
037% Sugar
0.19% Salt
Phase B  
6.78%  Lye
Phase C  
2.59% Castor Oil
18.55% Coconut Oil
18.55% Palm Kernel Oil
18.55% Rice Bran Oil
6.96% Avocado Oil
7.31% Kokum Butter
2.97% Water Purified
Phase D
 1.48% Caffeine
2.97% Purified Water
Phase E  
 .75% Essential OIl Blend


1.  Add Phase A together and mix well to completely dissolve.
2. Heat Phase B then add to Phase A carefully and put aside to cool.
3. Heat Phase C to melt oils,  then cool to 110f.
4. Heat Phase D and mix caffeine into water until desolved.
5. Add Phase B (which includes Phase A) to Phase C and mix well,  as soon as a light trace occurs, add Phase D and continue mixing till trace.
6. Add Phase E and pout into molds.
7. After 24 hours, unmold and cut into bars.  Cure for 4 to 6 weeks.

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