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World's Best Beauty Oil

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World's Best Beauty Oil is a combination of nature's powerhouse carrier oils, all with their own, unique, attributes and skin benefits, to create an absolutely fabulous treatment oil for all over use.  Especially suited to anti-aging skin care, this beauty treatment combination of oils is the absolute best.  This is a very powerful oil and it will only take a couple of drops for effect.  If you aren't crazy about oils, on your skin, try adding a couple of drops to your palm and then add your favorite moisturizer, and mix them, to turn your moisturizer into a beauty treatment rather than just a moisturizer.

This is one of the easiest anti-aging recipes to put together.  When making your sample, just measure your World's Best Beauty Oil ingredients right into your bottle, taring the scale after each addition, turn your bottle upside down, a couple of times, and you're done. 

This has become one of our most requested formulary items and is now available as a ready made base, for those of you who prefer to just buy the base, ready to add fragrance, instead of making it:  World's Best Beauty Oil Base **

When we made our test samples of World's Best Beauty Oil we used AT292 Floral Dream, which is a lovely floral fragrance with anti-aging activity and definite feminine appeal. 

For unisex appeal we recommend our AT47 Nurturing Lavender, which is an herbaceous fragrance, with green notes and just a hint of woody notes.


Phase A


Make Formula
100 g
1.0% Vitamin E MT-50
1.0% Argan Oil
1.0% Cranberry Seed Oil
1.0% Carrot Seed Oil
5.0% Borage Seed Oil
5.0% Rosehip Seed Oil
5.0% Sea Buckthorn Oil
5.0% Olive Squalane
10.0% Sesame Seed Oil
15.0% Jojoba Oil
21.0% Avocado Oil
29.5% Hazelnut Oil
0.5% AT292 Floral Dream



1. Combine all ingredients into beaker, or bottle. 

NOTE::  The high level of Sea Buckthorn Oil will make this oil a dark orange color.  If you prefer a lighter color just reduce the Sea Buckthorn Oil to 1% and add the 4% difference to Squalane, for additional anti-aging benefits or to Avocado, for additional dry skin benefits, or to Hazelnut for faster absorption.  The Avocado will make it absorb faster as well. 

** Due to the unsustainability of Jojoba Oil the base is made with Meadowfoam Seed Oil instead of Jojoba.  Meadowfoam Seed Oil is a direct substitute for the Jojoba Oil and delivers the same structure of Jojoba without a negative impact.f

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