All Contract Manufacturing Items Have a Two week Lead Time

This category contains those items that are exclusive to individual customers and are not offered through the main catalog ... If you have a product, or products setup with us you will find those offerings here only when you are logged In ... otherwise, You will not be able to access this category.

All customization's remain exclusive * to the creator and will never be offered through the regular catalog as long as the customized product is being ordered, at least once per year. After one year of inactivity a customized product will be deactivated or deleted. Once a customized product has been deactivated or deleted you will need to order the customization again to have that customized product information retrieved from storage, re-evaluated and re-priced. Only after this review can it be determined whether or not the item will be made available again. There may be some customized products that will not be re-activated for various reasons which will be determined on a case by case basis.

All essential oils will be filled by volume and are packed in HDPE plastic bottles for damage control in transit.  We recommend transferring to glass bottles upon receipt.  All orders containing any special order, or contract manufactured, essential oils must be paid by wire transfer.  

* This does not apply to any customer owned formula. Customer owned formulas maintain exclusivity indefinitely.


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