Essential Oils - Natural Fragrance

Essential Oil pages are provided for information support only. We do not offer any essential oils for purchase.
Essential Oils - Natural Fragrance
We have discontinued all essential oils. The instability in the market appears to be permanent, and progressive, which has made reliable sourcing of quality essential oils impossible to maintain. We will leave the essential oil category active for 90 days so that our customers can pull the information. After 90 days we will deactivate the category. Please be sure to copy necessary information before the category is deactivated. We thank you.

Ingredients To Die For offers only Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, and bulk Essential Oil Blends* developed using those therapeutic grade essential oils, as we believe in the power of plants to deliver a multitude of benefits. We hope to make adding natural fragrance to your products an easy task. If you have any fragrance in mind, that you don't see in our catalog, please feel free to let us know as this is a growing line and we will continue to add new single oils, and blends, as our customers needs demand them.

In todays natural market it's becoming more common for the consumer to demand 100% natural products, forcing companies to look to essential oils to fragrance their products. We understand the challenges, that you face, when you decide to take your products to that level. Our Aromatherapists work hard to create blends that smell great, while capitalizing on the power of essential oils to deliver specific activity and benefits while also respecting their ability to become problematic in both safety and manufacturing.

NOTE:: Why we call them Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

There are many people who say that there is no such thing as a therapeutic grade essential oil,and we disagree and would like to share our reasons and let you decide for yourself. At Ingredients To Die For we use the term 'Therapeutic Grade' to further define our Essential Oils because we believe that it's your right as a consumer to know whether, or not, the therapeutic activity of any essential oil was a consideration when the essential oil was sourced.

Many suppliers will use the fragrance of the essential oil as their only criteria, while some use the price point as their only criteria. We care about those criteria as well but it is not the driving force behind our essential oil stock. When we source essential oils our first criteria is that the plant material produce an essential oil which contains all of the elements (constituents) necessary for it to be therapeutic (as it is defined in Aromatherapy texts) and deliver that which is referred to in therapeutic guides, and by educational institutions, so that we can be assured that the essential oil will deliver the known therapeutic activity of that particular essential oil. With essential oils there is a world of difference in therapeutic quality, going from one grower to another, so it's important that we have some way of conveying that ideal to our customer. We don't believe that we need government oversight to tell us that we can call an essential oil, sought out using strict guidelines and based on therapeutic reference and activity, a therapeutic grade essential oil. Just because the government hasn't yet classified essential oils as therapeutic, or otherwise, doesn't mean that they don't exist, that only means that the government hasn't taken the time to recognize that there is a difference. Those of us that have a passion for, and have taken the time to learn about, essential oils know that there is a big difference. When a supplier goes to their local winery and buys their lavender essential oil because it smells good and they got a good price, but didn't consider the growing conditions: climate; soil condition and treatments; time of harvest; proximity to the sun; plant species ... all of the conditions which lead to the chemical composition and determine whether or not it will have the therapeutic activity that is reported for lavender essential oil, then that is not necessarily a therapeutic grade essential oil. It may be, but it wasn't sourced with respect to the criteria that differentiate therapeutic activity so that is an unknown. Maybe they don't care about the therapeutic activity, and that is fine too. Some people just use essential oils because they are natural and they like the fragrance. We enjoy the natural fragrance of essential oils, as well, but their wonderful fragrance is second to their therapeutic activity because we use essential oils, first and foremost, for that therapeutic benefit. Every one of us has the right to interpret quality based on our own criteria: for some that may be fragrance; for others it may be price point; and then for others it may be therapeutic activity. For those suppliers who value therapeutic activity, and who search out essential oils based on whether or not the essential oils contain the chemical composition that gives the essential oil the power to deliver that therapeutic activity, for which the essential oil is known it makes sense to call them therapeutic grade otherwise how would you know that that was the criteria required when that essential oil was sourced. Of course, in a free market, we also have a fundamental right to call our product what we choose to, as do you.

* Some essential oil blends may contain oils, such as vanilla, tamanu, and others, which may cause some separation on standing. Please mix, or shake, prior to use. This is normal and will not impact performance.

It is important that it be understood that these are materials created by nature which are not further manipulated at the time of processing. As with anything in nature these may change from season to season and batch to batch as nature very seldom does anything exactly the same, all the time. If appearance is important to you then you may want to consider essential oils very carefully before implementing them into your product line as they may not always be the same in color, viscosity, clarity ... even the fragrance may change from batch to batch depending on the growing environment. Please keep this in mind as we source our essential oils strictly based on therapeutic profile and we do not make these attributes any part of our sourcing criteria so we make no guarantee of consistency and we will not accept returns based on appearance or fragrance variations from batch to batch or lot to lot.

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