Ingredients To Die For has a large selection of cosmetic ingredients. Please sample any ingredients that you are interested in, prior to purchasing larger quantities, to run your own trials and test batches. Always run small scale test batches before using any new ingredient so that you can make any formulation modifications necessary to account for the new addition. This is even necessary when you are changing suppliers for the same materials since those materials may come from a different manufacturer with slight variations. With almost all Ingredients To Die For materials we will have more than one regular supplier so that we can keep up with demand. We will use our primary supplier when possible however, when that primary supplier can not fill an order we will use a secondary or tertiary supplier. In all cases we will ensure comparable performance however, the aesthetics may change. Since the aesthetics do not impact performance we will not distinguish from supplier to supplier. In many cases, when ordering raw materials such as waxes, it will sometimes be a pellet and sometimes be a flake. This does not have any impact on performance or processing as long as guidelines are followed correctly.

Ingredients To Die For does not guarantee the suitability, or fitness for purpose, of any items. We encourage small trial batches of any new work to make your own determination of an item's suitability for your purpose and/or condition.

Ingredients To Die For has a high commitment to product consistency and will strive to bring materials in from the same manufacturer. In some cases circumstances beyond our control may cause us to change suppliers for materials. In such cases we will post an alert which will appear at the top of the item page. These alerts will only remain active for a period of 90 days. We understand your need to be advised on the change however, we have to avoid making our customer sample the same item over and over, because they think it keeps changing when they see the same alert over and over. We do apologize for any inconvenience.

Ingredients To Die For is products are for topical cosmetic use only. Many of our ingredients are traditionally consumed, however, nothing that we offer is for consumption. Nothing offered through the Ingredients To Die For website is intended for internal use or consumption.

Ingredients To Die For shall not be liable for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, lost profits or injury to business reputation or goodwill, that are caused by, are related to, or that arise from any of the items. If any items are defective, then your exclusive remedy as a customer shall be (1) Ingredients To Die For's replacement of the goods for no extra charge; or (2) a credit to your original form of payment. Under no circumstance shall Ingredients To Die For's liability exceed the price of the goods for defective goods.

Material Handling: All materials sold by Ingredients To Die For are intended to be used by qualified professionals only. Every buyer must read and familiarize themselves with the MSDS for every raw material before placing an order for that material. It is important to understand that you must follow the handling instructions every time you are exposed to any materials, including when you receive and unpack them. When shipping to a residence only the person ordering the materials should handle the unpacking of the order to prevent exposure of any persons unfamiliar with the handling instructions. This is the sole responsibility of the buyer and Ingredients To Die For does not accept responsibility for any damage resulting from exposure to any materials.

At Ingredients To Die For we're here to help. Between our customer service "above and beyond" policy, and our extensive technical support, it is our hope that you will take advantage, of those services, to make sure that you don't waste time, effort, and money on any failed production projects. In chemistry there are some results that can not be undone and some reactions that are irreversible so, a little extra work, in the early stages of development, are well worth it. Happy Crafting!

All Ingredients To Die For bottles and jars are induction sealed to prevent leaks in transit. Sanitize your gloves, the cutting tool, and the top of the seal prior to tampering with the seal for removal. Remove all traces of the paper seal prior to using the product. Every cap is equipped with a paper liner, a foil seal, and a foam seal.You will remove the foil seal and the paper seal and you will keep the foam seal in your cap so that your container will still have an adequate seal during use. If you do not have an induction machine to remove the seal entirely then it is crucial that you transfer the entire contents to another container prior to use. It is not sufficient to attempt to remove the paper seal with a razor or any similar tool because that may result in micro scratches in the surface of the plastic which can create a perfect breeding ground for microbial infestation.Failure to follow these instructions will result in constant contamination of the paper which will jeopardize the preservative and drastically shorten the shelf life of the product.

NOTE :: Please note that when you order materials that are under the size as it comes from the manufacturer your product may be from multiple lots so there may be variations. This may be true when you order multiples of small sizes, i.e., if you order two 16 ounce bottles of Rose Hydrosol one may be darker in color than the other, stronger in scent than the other, and so on due to variations in the lot. At Ingredients To Die For we make it a point to rotate our inventory very quickly so there are many times when we break into a new lot to fill the same order.

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