Ingredients To Die For has a large selection of cosmetic ingredients for those that wish to develop and produce products
as well as well a comprehensive selection of cosmetic bases for those who wish to purchase a mostly finished base
and just add fragrance and other simple additions.

Special Services are offered for those who want to offer their customers a product line that is unique
to their own business. The Special Services offer an inexpensive way to jump start your company with top shelf cosmetic bases that will help your company gain a competitive edge.

Whether you want to create bases that are built entirely around your own ingredient selections or you want to start with one of our Cosmetic Bases offerings and add or take away to make it your own the process is simple, quick, and cost effective. In all cases you will order the item like you would any other item and then follow up with an email to give us the specifics and the order number. We will then follow up with any additional payment requirements for research and development (R&D) or loading your customized item. Always remember that your projects must still be within our own philosophy with regard to safety and purity. All costs are determined by the required R&D and the cost of materials plus labor and these costs are related to each specific cosmetic base or product.
Special Services Wholesale Products
Admin Fees
$5.15  -  $ 5.15
Contract Manufacturing
$465.00  -  $ 465.00
$25.00  -  $ 25.00
Customization of Stock Product
$465.00  -  $ 465.00
$65.00  -  $ 65.00

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