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STRETCH MARK OIL:: add these essential oils to 45mls (3T) of your chosen carrier oils* and apply daily over damaged areas.

9 Lavender
6 Tangerine or Mandarin Red
2 Rose
1 Jasmin Grande Absolute
1 Rosehip Seed CO2**
1 Borage Seed CO2**
1 Seabuckthorne Seed CO2**

** if you don't stock these CO2 extracts you may purchase the complex DermaRestore CO2 and use it at 3 parts instead of the individual CO2's

* for best results use carriers that are high in vitamin content, i.e., almond, wheatgerm, borage, argan ... and incorporate a small amount of carrot seed pressed oil, or for maximum benefit, use a base of cocoa butter, and sea buckthorne oil.

Proportions are only suggestions and you may alter them to suit your taste, or budget. Keep in mind that to honor the elemental balancing / enhancing therapy of the blend you should keep the top oil predominant, and then reduce as you move down the list, maintaining the order of concentration.

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