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Irish Moss (Carageenan)

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Irish Moss (Carageenan), is the polysaccharide extracted from red seaweed, also known as Chondrus crispus, typically found growing on the underside of rocks, that are submerged in water. Our Irish Moss (Carageenan) is Kosher certified and offers the vegetarian, or vegan, a suitable alternative to gelatin. There are several types of Carageenan, each having different rheological properties. The Ingredients To Die For Carageenan is a Calcium Iota type, which offers better electrolyte tolerance and elastic gelling properties.

Irish Moss (Carageenan) is borrowed from the food industry, where it has been used since the beginning of time, Irish Moss (Carageenan) is a proven, and easy to use, emulsion stabilizer, and rheology modifier, where it provides a more mobile, fluid, behavior to creams and lotions. Irish Moss (Carageenan) is pseudoplastic (thins when shear force is applied and then re-thickens as soon as the shear force is removed), offering the ability to develop thick creams that can, easily, be packaged in bottles.

When used in hair care gels Irish Moss (Carageenan) offers the added advantage of smoothness and curl activation. With repeated application gels will not, typically, build up and cause flaking.


  • no flaking
  • clear gels
  • improved glide
  • emulsion stabilizer
  • natural gelling agent
  • softer feel on the skin
  • no stringiness or slime
  • excellent electrolyte tolerance
  • 0.5 to 1.7%
  • incorporate with high shear mixing
  • add to water phase, then begin heating to 170F
  • full viscosity takes up to 24 hours, depending on heat
  • do not use in combination with chelating agents
    which may interfere with the structure formation


Appearance: Off White Free Flowing Powder
Odor: Characteristic, Low
Solubility: Water (Max. Hydration at 170F, or after 24 Hours)
Storage: Tightly Sealed, Protected from Heat / Moisture
Shelf: 24 Months when Properly Stored / Handled
Charge: Anionic

TECH TIP:: Irish Moss (Carageenan) forms a perfect synergy with the Lactylates where it improves the stability and emulsification capability.

NOTE:: Heat will cause Irish Moss (Carageenan) gels to thin, but they will recover as soon as temperature returns to normal.

INCI: Irish Moss (Carageenan) Chondrus crispus

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