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Jojoba Oil Golden Non Sprayed

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Jojoba Oil Golden, a liquid wax pressed from the seeds of Simmondsia chinensis beans. Jojoba Oil Golden is unrefined and is unique among the carrier oils because it is truly a wax, consisting almost entirely of fatty acids and alcohols, with very little triglycerides. Jojoba Oil is prized in skin, and body, care because it is this waxy ester, rather than a triglyceride like most carrier oils, making it similar to human sebum. Though there are other carriers similar, in nature and performance, to sebum, Jojoba remains the most popular choice.

Jojoba Oil Golden is highly stable and its texture makes it an excellent choice for premium perfume oils, as well as for oil free applications, where it will serve as an emollient, keeping the skin soft, and supple, while locking in moisture.


Appearance: Golden Slightly Viscous Liquid *
Odor: Characteristic Fatty
Solubility: Oil Soluble
Absorption: Slow / Incomplete
Storage: Cool / Tightly Sealed / Protected from Heat, Freezing, Light and Moisture
Shelf: 48 Months / Properly Stored and Handled


  • Up to 100%
  • Add to Oil Phase


  • Skin Care Creams, Lotions, Scrubs, Oil Cleansers
  • Bath and Body Care Creams, Lotions, Scrubs, Salves, Balms
  • Lip Products
  • Hair / Scalp Conditioners


Mix equal parts of Rose Hydrosol, and Jojoba OIl, to make an excellent elixir. Just shake before use and then spray thirsty skin for a wonderfully light moisturizer.

Mix in equal parts with Caprylic Capric Trilgycerides, for a light, non-staining, massage oil, or perfume oil base.

* Jojoba Oil will freeze, with the appearance of being almost solid, at approximately 50F. This does not effect performance. Simply allow it to thaw prior to use.


The world market continues to struggle to meet the current demands for Jojoba Oil and Ingredients To Die For has worked hard to maintain inventory. We regret that pricing continues to remain high. It's possible that Jojoba Oil is no longer a sustainable crop but, until we know that for sure, we will continue to offer this unique carrier.

For those of you who prefer to make a substitution, the closest vegetable oil substitute, on the market, would be Limnanthes alba, Meadowfoam Seed Oil. This oil has similar chemical composition, as well as feel and stability, along with a wealth of nutrients.

INCI: Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil

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