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Neroli Hydrosol

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Neroli Hydrosol, also known as Orange Blossom, from the distillation of Citrus aurantium var.Amara is one of the most versatile hydrosols, also known as Floral Water / Distillate, with a pronounced impact in both skin care and Aromatherapy.

In skin care it offers astringency making it appropriate for oily, acneic skin types. For dry skin types it is best combined, at no more than 20%, with other more hydrating hydrosols. Try combining with Lavender Hydrosol and Rose Hydrosol for dry skin.

It's psychological impact is unsurpassed for its calming and soothing properties, especially with anxiety. With the essential oil being so costly the hydrosol makes an effective substitution for body sprays and environmental fragrance as the hydrosol does have a strong fragrance.

With its soft floral / citrus fragrance, very similar to the essential oil, Neroli hydrosol is an inexpensive way to experience the wonderful fragrance of Neroli at a fraction of the cost. It is fantastic, just the way it is, as a fragrance mist for both skin and hair. Carry a bottle around to mist just before greeting people and they are sure to feel great to be around you.

  • astringent
  • calming
  • anti-anxiety


  • oily skin care products
  • relaxing product lines
  • de-stress product lines
  • fragrance mist
  • linen and room sprays
  • water replacement in emulsions
  • elixirs

Usage: 2.0 to 100%
Processing: Add to, or use as, water phase


Appearance: pale amber non viscous liquid
Odor: characteristic floral odor
Solubility: water soluble
Storage: store tightly sealed, cool, and away from direct heat and light
Shelf: shelf 2yrs when stored and handled properly

NOTE :: This hydrosol is not preserved so it is important to protect them from contamination, once opened. Always wipe the lip with alcohol after pouring. Never touch the lip of the bottle that you're pouring into with the lip of the main bottle. Never add back to the main bottle. Once poured out it should not be re-combined. You may add a water soluble preservative, such as Gluconolactone and Sodium Benzoate, to extend the shelf life.

INCI: Citrus aurantium var.Amara (Neroli / Orange Blossom) Flower Distillate

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