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CoEnzymeQ10:: The most efficient manner in which to protect the skin from lipid peroxidation is now available in a vegetable ester, from glucose, which will deliver the nutrients of CoQ10 while also imparting skin smoothness and hydration.

What is Lipid Peroxidation?::

Lipid peroxidation (LPO) is a free radical-related process that is associated mostly with cellular damage as a result of oxidative stress. It is the reaction of fats and oils with oxygen to form peroxides. As the skin is the third most fatty organ in the body, it is little wonder that the effects of lipid peroxidation should manifest itself as wrinkles and brown age spots, which are a direct by-product of lipid peroxidation.

What is CoEnzymeQ10?::

CoQ10, as it is often called, has at least three important roles in the body. It is part of the inner membrane of the mitochondria, which is the power station of the cells. It is also involved in the formulation of the energy-storing adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP) in the citric acid cycle. CoQ10 is one of the most powerful, natural, antioxidants. It helps neutralize harmful free radicals, which is a key function in the prevention, and treatment, of premature aging.

When do I need it?::

Various factors, such as aging, stress and some medications, can lower the levels of CoQ10 in the body. As a result, the ability of cells to withstand stress and regenerate declines. Unfortunately, the levels of CoQ10 in the body almost inevitably decline with age. In fact, CoQ10 is regarded as one of the most accurate biomarkers of aging since its decline correlates so well with the aging process. In some studies, rodents treated with supplemental CoQ10 lived up to 30 percent longer than their untreated counterparts. In most people over thirty, levels of CoQ10 in the skin are below optimum, resulting in lesser ability to produce collagen, elastin and other important skin molecules. CoQ10-depleted skin is more prone to damage by free radicals, which are particularly abundant in the skin since it is exposed to the elements.


  • Increase in cellular energy
  • Boosts skin repair and regeneration.
  • Reduces damage by free radicals, such as brown age spots and wrinkles.
  • Small particle size penetrates skin cells relatively easily.


  • orange non viscous liquid
  • characteristic odor
  • oil soluble
  • store protected from heat and direct light
  • 3 yrs when properly stored


  • add at cool down below 110F
  • 2.0 to 10.0%


  • anti aging skin care
  • anti-oxidant skin, bath and body products
  • anhydrous products
  • rejuvenating scalp / hair care

INCI: Caprylic Capric Triglycerides (and) Ubiquinone (CoQ10) (and) Mixed Tocopherols

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