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Coco Glucoside

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Coco Glucoside is a natural, non-ionic, surfactant. Like Decyl Glucoside it is ultra mild, and one of the most gentle of the cleansing agents, making it ideal for all foaming and cleansing products, especially those designed for fragile or sensitive skin. Our Coco Glucoside, obtained from renewable raw materials, is a combination of coconut based fatty alcohols (c8-16) and glucose (sugar / starch). Like our Decyl Glucoside, Coco Glucoside, being ultra mild and gentle, does not dry the skin which makes it an excellent choice for the formulation of personal hygiene and toiletry products. Coco Glucoside is comparable to the other Alkyl Polyglucoside Surfactants (Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside (c8-10), Coco Glucoside (c8-16), and Lauryl Glucoside (c12-16)) all being the combination of the glucoside and select fatty alcohols.

Coco Glucoside generates an exceptional foam in almost any conditions. It produces a very satisfactory level of foam, comparable with that obtained using conventional anionic surfactants. Moreover, the foam obtained is particularly stable, which is an advantage for the formulation of bubble baths and shower gels. The foam generated is fine and stable.

In contrast, its touch is not comparable with that of a foam obtained using anionic surfactants. For this reason it is advisable to combine Coco Glucoside with our Cocamidopropyl Betaine or Foaming Soy in order to improve the smoothness of the foam. Furthermore, because of its wide range of compatibility, Coco Glucoside can be combined with all types of surfactants without reducing foam volume or stability.

Coco Glucoside, used as a co-surfactant, can reduce the total active requirements of other foaming ingredients, without altering their performance; cleansing effectiveness, foam volume, and ease of thickening, are all maintained while improving on the mild, and gentle, nature of the final formulation.

Coco Glucoside does not contain any impurities. Its chemical nature and the production process results in a surfactant without ethylene oxide or 1,4-dioxane and is suitable for baby, and pet, products.

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  • Obtained from 100% renewable vegetable origin
  • Tolerant of high electrolyte formulations (aloe)
  • Improves skin tolerance of the formulation
  • Fully Compatible with other Surfactants
  • Maintains skin balance without dryness
  • Easy to thicken with natural polymers
  • Readily Biodegradable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Maintains skin balance
  • Good foaming power
  • ethylene oxide free
  • 1,4-dioxane free
  • Proven Mildness
  • add to the surfactant phase **
  • mix into formulations preventing excessive foam
  • maintain pH of finished product between 3.0 and 5.0
  • 2.0 to 30.0% ***
Coco Glucoside is easily thickened with::
  • anionic surfactants
  • natural polymers
    • xanthan gum 10 to 0.3% (1300)
    • carageenan gum 10 to 1.0% (1100)
    • carboxy methyl cellulose 10 to 0.8% (1300)
  • synthetic polymers
    • carbomer 940 10 to 0.5% (3600)


  • coloring products (compatible with ammoniacal media, dyes, and cationic agents)
  • shampoos (anti-dandruff, anti-seborrheac, conditioners, frequent use, etc...)
  • straightening products (compatible with sodium / potassium hydroxides)
  • permanent wave products (compatible with fixers and reducers)
  • dermatological liquid soaps
  • sensitive skin cleansers
  • shaving foams
  • bubble baths
  • shower gels
  • cleansers
  • bath oils
  • wipes

Appearance: Amber Viscous Liquid (2000cps @ 75F (Crystallizes <60F))
Odor: Characteristic - Surfactant
Solubility: Water **
Storage: Tightly Sealed, Protected from Heat / Cold
Shelf: 24 Months when Properly Stored / Handled
Actives: 55%
Polarity: Non-Ionic
pH: 11.5 - 12.5

** Employ adequate measures to avoid breathing in vapors during processing.
*** As with all surfactants. Avoid getting product into eyes when working with the pure surfactant. Read and understand the SDS before handling. Wash hands after handling.

INCI: Coco Glucoside

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