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Conditioning Honey

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Conditioning Honey, also known as Honeyquat 50, is pure honey that is given a positive (cationic) charge in order to make it user friendly for personal care products. The positive charge takes away the stickiness so that it can be utilized in hair, and body, care. The Ingredients To Die For Conditioning Honey (Honeyquat 50) is petro and paraben free.

Conditioning Honey (Honeyquat 50) is ultra moisturizing to both the hair and the skin. The quaternary reaction makes it far more moisturizing than regular honey, with humectant activity twice that of glycerin. With its low molecular weight, the penetration capability is exceptional, allowing it to penetrate the hair and offer long term moisturizing benefits, shine, and smoothness while it softens skin and scalp with true moisturization.

Conditioning Honey (Honeyquat 50) is an easy to use water soluble active that will impart smoothness, substantivity and thickening to your emulsions and cleansing systems. Unlike most conditioning agents, Conditioning Honey (Honeyquat 50) will not reduce the foam in anionic / non-ionic surfactants.

Conditioning Honey (Honeyquat 50) may also be used, with carbomer, to form clear gels. You will need to pre-neutralize, and increase your ratio, to compensate for viscosity reduction.

In hair care cationic ingredients (those with a positive charge) are important because the damaged areas of hair tend to be negatively charged so the addition of cationic ingredients helps them bond to those damaged areas, for enhanced conditioning and repair. Conditioning Honey (Honeyquat 50) is one of the easiest ways to add the conditioning, and repair, of cationics as it also offers moisture and smoothness to hair.


  • moisturizing
  • conditioning
  • thickening
  • static reduction
  • improved comb out
  • protection against damaging surfactants
  • added to water phase or finished emulsion
  • 2 to 5%
  • skin care
  • body care
  • hair care
    • leave in
    • rinse off
    • shampoos
    • conditioners
    • styling agent

Appearance: Clear to Hazy Non-Viscous Liquid
Color: Light to Medium Amber
Odor: Characteristic
Solubility: Water
Storage: Cool, Tightly Sealed, Protected from Heat / Moisture
Shelf: 12 Months when Properly Stored / Handled

5% Solution - 4.0 to 6.5 *
*pH adjusted for natural protection
Sorbic Acid

INCI: Hydroxypropyltrimonium Honey

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