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Creme De La Cleanse Recipe

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This formula demonstrates the awesome ability of the Lactylate Blend surfactant to both cleanse and moisturize. The finished formula is a crme colored gel that feels thick and lubricious as it glides on, producing fabulous lather. Crme De La Cleanse makes an excellent Head-to-Toe product, as it can serve the dual purpose of Body Wash and Conditioning Shampoo. Because this product is thickened with Carbomer 940, fragrance and essential oils will not affect its viscosity. AND, feel free to add your Jojoba Beads, Lipo Beads, any exfoliants you may desire, micas, or an eye catching gold flake for aesthetics. Carbomer 940 effectively suspends these materials evenly throughout the product. Wacker-Belsil PDM 20 adds much emolliency to the formulation, and boosts shine in hair care. Revolution E delivers antioxidant protection and reduces moisture loss naturally. In hair care, antioxidants will protect color. Suttocide A serves a dual purpose in this formulation. It neutralizes the Carbomer, and provides paraben-free preservation. Tetrasodium EDTA removes hard water buildup on hair. Easy proceedure with sophisticated ingredients give this formula a skill level of Experienced.


Phase A

Make Formula
100 g
54% Distilled Water or Purified Water
2% Carbomer 940
Phase B
35% Polyglucose Lactylate Blend
2% Wacker-Belsil PDM20
Phase C
1% Suttocide A
1% Tetrasodium EDTA
5% Revolution E


1. Add cold water to Carbomer 940 with mixing and allow to hydrate for 1 hour.
2. Add Phase B to Phase A with good mixing.
3. Add Suttocide A and EDTA while mixing gently followed by the addition of Revolution E and fragrance, if desired. Now, head to the shower because That's It!

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