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DermaLight ™ Skin Lightener Info

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  • Derived from flowers of Bellis perennis (Daisy Flower)
  • Highly efficient natural skin lightening by influencing different pathways involved in melanin formation
Influence on Melanogenesis Pathways

in vitroResults

Influence on Melanogenesis Pathways

Reduction of Endothelin

Blocking of MC-1 Receptor

α-MSH Binding Capacity

Influence on Melanogenesis Pathways

Determination of Tyrosinase Expression
Determination of Tyrosinase Expression1.2.3.

Influence on Tyrosinase Expression

Influence on Tyrosinase Activity
Reduction of Tyrosinase Activity

Influence on Melanogenesis Pathways

Influence on Melanogenesis Pathways



FluoSphereUptake (%)

Microscopic images showing the FluoSphere(red beads) uptake in control and in DermaLight™ treated human keratinocytes.
For visualization of the endocytosis, cells were counterstained with DAPI (blue nuclei).

Endocytosis was stimulated by UV light.
Endocytotic Activity -FluoSphereUptake

Influence on Endocytotic Activity

Endocytotic Activity
FluoSphereUptake (%)

Endocytosis was induced with UV. The uptake of FluoSpheres was detected with a fluorescence reader at 582 nm / 612 nm.
Influence on Endocytotic Activity020406080100Control1%

INCI: Bellis perennis (Daisy) Blossom Extract

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